Hire me!

Human: What do you do?

Lav: I’m a writer.

Human: That is sooo AWESOME! What do you write?

Lav: I write about music, travel and do freelance work.

Human: Oh. Ok. So, like are you studying?

Lav: No. I finished university with an Art and an English degree.

Human: Oh. Ok. So, like are you a waitress or part-timing until you find your feet?

Lav: No, I’m writer! I have a blog. I’m published on the internet and on hard copy.

Human: Yeah but like aren’t we all?

Lav: *Sigh* I annihilate bad grammar, play Editor at Heavy Metal Duchess, write content for several music based websites, travel on back roads to create pieces for tourists to read and I’m focussing my energy on my very own novella.

Human: Cool!

Lav: This is my portfolio and it has all the contact details you may need to hire me.

Human: So, like I’ve been wanting to write an autobiography for sooo long but I’m not very good…you know?

Lav: I am able to ghostwrite. I can also provide copy and content for projects. I should mention that I’m excellent at research, offline and online. One more thing that I am really good at is making a cup of  tea. Here is my CV:

cv jpeg



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