Why I’m obsessed with this band called Revery

I am yet to hear more than one female-fronted rock band in South Africa. No, Flash Republic aren’t rock, Dear Reader don’t qualify and Junkyard Lipstick are metal to the max.

Recently, I came across Johannesburg’s best kept secret – a small female-fronted rock band called Revery. If Royal Thunder had a passionate affair with the Dave Matthews Band, their love-child would be Revery.

Lead vocalist, Hana Muftic, grabs the listener with her rich soul voice while guitarist, Richard Globisch, and bass player, Adrian Patterson, ooze  rhythm and groove. Drummer, Greg, ties the sound with clean proficiency.

Revery began their heavy rock journey in 2013 but after several line-up changes, the band carved a blues rock signature tune. I’m obsessed with this band because their sound is exactly what’s needed in the South African market. Local radio shows loop zealous pop anthems every day and a lot of it is made using auto-tune. Revery, on the other hand, are authentic and their sound can easily appeal to the mainstream market without gutting their rock reputation. Plus, the South African alternative music market needs a larger female presentation after all, it’s not just boys and men who can rock.

Apart from that, I’m obsessed with Revery because their music is rich, powerful and home grown. According to the Facebook page, Revery are currently in the pre=production phase of making their EP with renowned producer, Dylan Ellis.

Until then, I leave you with Revery’s Soundcloud tracks:

For more info about Revery go to their Facebook page, Twitter profile and Reverbnation account