Pieces Of Me

While working at Heat magazine, I was told that I write “poetically” and should lose it. I’m not sure how I should take that. Either way, here are bits and pieces of me being poetic on the internet this past month.

haulixRead more at the official Haulix Blog 

Also, read more about Haulix co-founder Matt and Haulix PR/Blogger James.

Seth W. of SKULL TOASTER let me babble on about the music that I listen to. Read it all on the official What Are You Listening To segment




Lastly, it’s official. That *hush* project that Mark Brandt and I have been working on is *almost* ready. It’s called Broken Amp and we are gearing up to launch in September 2014. Look out for details, tweets, campaigns and shout outs as we tell you more about Broken Amp. Hint: I said a lot more about it in the Haulix Blog interview.

Oh, and if you like vintage stuff. Then take a look at Vintage Shopper and yeah, that is how I look.

Cheers for the support to all those listed here.






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