Firsts with Slayer

Remember the first time you discovered Slayer? How did it feel? Who was there? What were your initial thoughts of the band? Whatever your reasons are, Slayer ruled at one point because of their ability to shock crowds; both in artistry and philosophy.

Here is a question for the two (maybe three) people that read this blog: If Slayer did not exist – which band could have fulfilled their legacy?

My first experience with Slayer was Reign in Blood. It took me a couple of years to hear it, as I had a legitimate fear of the cover art the first time I saw it at the age of 12. All the blood drenched on the bottom of the artwork, as a goat king sits on a throne ruling over the disfigured faces around him, chilled me to the core. Once I got over that hurdle, I was in awe from the very opening riff of “Angel of Death.” I had never heard a band that fast before, and it definitely took a few dozen play throughs to become acclimated to it. I felt like I had ripped open a new side of metal that I had never heard previously. All the death and thrash metal I got into as a teenager was partially thanks to this album. Though it’s not my favorite Slayer album (that honor goes to Hell Awaits), I wish that I could feel as mesmerized all the time with music as I did with my initial listen of Reign in Blood. – Dan Marsicano (@heavytothebone2)

The first time I saw Slayer was at Belgium festival, Graspop, 2 years ago. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. We waited at the front of the stage for at least an hour to get the best spot. I was standing only a few metres away from Dave Lombardo, one of my idols. The show was really intense, and even though they didn’t run around much, there was this sinister feeling in the air, the band knowing that they make their fans lose their shit in the mosh pit. The played an awesome, varied set and when they played Chemical Warfare, my life was complete. There was loads of headbanging and moshing and some serious crowd surfing. Afterwards, I was speechless with the biggest smile on my face. – Luci V. (@MrsVillain)

Photo Credit: Lucinda V.

Photo Credit: Luci V.

What was your first time with Slayer like?

– Lav


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