Vinyl, Tea, Magazine


What could Iron Maiden, Iron Fist magazine and a tea cup possibly have in common?

It’s all made in Britain and it’s all smooth entertainment.

How is a tea cup entertaining? Well, I found this Royal Malvern tea cup at an auction and watched older folks stumble to place a bid. So precious just like my Iron Maiden vinyl.

In fact, Iron Maiden may have influenced several thousand people to pick up a music instrument or create their own zombies. This blog is a bit of a quirk but I want to start conversations with the ten of you that read it so I decided to throw some questions to Iron Maiden fans. 

Julian Emdon (Videographer and long-time metalhead):
If I could give a lecture about Iron Maiden to a junior class, my lesson plan would be:
Start out with the first 2 albums with vocalist Paul Di’Anno, how they had an almost ‘punk’ attitude combined with progressive metal. Then explain how with the introduction of vocalist Bruce Dickinson the sound became more anthem-like and suited for the stadium. I would explain their brilliant use of the twin harmonised guitar, and emphasis of bass guitar brought forward in the mix. I would definitely go into how important the imagery and album artwork is, and the lyrical themes of history and cinematic horror.

I became an Iron Maiden die-hard fan because:
 I was a fan of the artwork before I was a fan of the music, seeing my uncle’s Maiden posters in his bedroom as a child. It was only as a teenager that I discovered that it was actually a band! My uncle gave me his collection of tapes, all the albums up to ‘Somewhere in Time’. The song ‘Powerslave’ had the biggest impact on me, turning me into a die-hard fan. That album, ‘Killers’ and ‘Piece of Mind’ became my favourite albums. 
As someone who works in the artistic field, Iron maiden influenced me by:

I would say Maiden was one of the main reasons I picked up guitar. The driving, ‘controlled abandon’ of the music and themes of fantasy in the lyrics were major influences on my personality. In fact, after the discovery of Maiden’s music at age 12 I would say my entire personality changed to what it is now. I would also spend a lot of time drawing monsters in the style of Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot. In no time at all I had turned my two close friends onto Iron Maiden, who in same ways became even more rabid in their fandom than myself!

My favourite album is:
Piece  of Mind. As a whole the album is just brilliant, and it contains a lot of my most favourite Maiden songs.

Edward Banchs (Heavy Metal Writer and long-time metalhead)

If I could give a lecture about Iron Maiden to a junior class, my lesson plan would be:
I would tell them that they are awesome, though this reminds me of the time I worked as a substitute teacher and I did explain to a group of students that I loved Iron Maiden. I am convinced they did not believe me, so it goes. I would tell a Junior High class of the connection that their music gives to people all over the world, which is something not many pop stars in the US can brag about. A pure genuine connection that is carried throughout their live performances. Almost as if we are in a trance, we all sing, we all hum and we all make sure the band hears us. Name another act who has their guitar solos hummed back to them while they are being performed live? You cannot! Their music is not negative, it is a glimpse into history, and modern themes involving everything from science fiction to the dangers of nuclear war. It is no nonsense music, with powerful melodies and a connection to fans that is beyond powerful. Plus, I would tell them about Ed Force One, I suppose middle school students would get a kick out of that. 
I became an Iron Maiden die-hard fan because:
My first Iron Maiden record was “No Prayer For the Dying.” It was given to me by a cousin who I guess was not enjoying the record. The songs, ‘Tailgunner’ and ‘Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter’ were stuck in my head for days. As a middle school student myself, I did not think it would get any better. Well, then I discovered their back catalogue! Life got much, much better.
It goes without saying that Derek Riggs is an integral part of Iron Maiden’s development and here is why:
Powerslave. I drink my morning and evening coffee from a coffee mug with the Powerslave album cover. It rules. I was quite disappointed when I could not find the right size canvas Vans (slip-on) with that album cover. Occasionally I still get on the web and look for those shows, and that prestigious Maiden tee; blue, with the Powerslave cover and Iron Maiden in gold. The shirt exists, I have seen it, and I will make anyone a fair deal with anyone for that tee shirt! I love that album, and that cover just gets me excited. It never gets old. And Riggs deserves more credit. Their imagery, and Eddie have perhaps more to do with their success than they would ever acknowledge. 
Also, the Trooper. Before I left for graduate school in the UK, my mother (who makes the best cakes ever!), baked me a cake for a personal going away party and she was awesome enough to decorate the cake with the Trooper album cover. It tasted better than it looked, and it looked AWESOME! (And yes, there are Trooper slip-on Vans too, I would love to own them as well.)
 Iron Maiden has a bit of influence on me when:
I do listen to them when I’m writing, so perhaps. 
From an academic point of view, here is what I think of the correlation between Iron Maiden and British idealism:
Though I will not claim to be an expert on British idealism, I can see a strong correlation. They are proud of where they are from and it is reflected heavily in their lyrics and their artwork. 
Hey, Julian and Edward! Cheers for the Iron Maiden support.
So, what’s precious to you?
– Lav




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