Oh No! It’s me again.

I’m trying to purchase a domain but that involved starting a Paypal account which seems to be taking a while to verify. I cannot wait much more…I just want to “blog”.

I left blogging for a while. I went back to school and got that all important certificate. I decided to travel and explore. I tried to blog again but it was a monumental fail so I disappeared into a sea of ties and collars in office blocks.

Then I opened my web browser and found myself reading this paragraph repeatedly.

“The economy has rescinded the simple offer of “Do what you’re told, play it safe, and you can make a living.” Making a living is now harder than ever. The alternatives are up to you.” – The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

I walked out on the uncomfortable ties and collars in office blocks scenario much to the dismay of close family. I lost a lot of friends. I might have lost a lot of respect and I most certainly lost a stable bank balance. Though, the one thing that I did not lose was my dedication to art.

Unfortunately, I cannot draw. My high school teacher reassured me of that. Art (to me) is anything and everything that lights a passion in one’s heart. What is your art? My art revolves around words.

I like words. I also happen to like heavy metal music. The other two things that I like are vintage pieces and travelling without a map.

This is what the blog is all about. I’m taking all of my “likes” combining it and sending it out to the Universe. What will come out of it – I will never know. What I simply hope to do is … start a conversation.






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