No time to read? I call bullshit!
There is plenty of time to read – on the bus, in the bank queue, waiting in the parking lot, between lecture periods, during television advert breaks, on the train, whilst sitting on the loo (okay, slightly gross) but you get the point!
Air Guitar Blog has decided to make a weekly metal list of what you have been writing, reading and tweeting about. This week features:
If you are in the music business for the long haul then you should be subscribed to the music solutions blog. If not, Red Tentacle talks us through frustration and failure.
Photographer, Sabrina Ramdoyal had a blast at Bloodstock 2012. There are stunning pictures from Anvil, Orange Goblin, Mayhem, Nile, Grand Mangus etc. up on This Is Not A Scene.
Great review by Matt Hinch of a very good band called Vilipend featured on Hellbound.
Speaking of reviews, Adrien Begrand summed up the new releases for 28 August 2012 on the Headbang blog for MSN.
Air Guitar blog gets a lot of hits on “how to be a music journalist”. Natalie Zed articulates on how to write a review for the series, Heavy Metal Ambassador on Toronto Is Awesome.
Beth Winegarner writes “Don’t Blame Heavy Metal For Alleged Baltimore Shooter Bobby Gladden”. We agree! Read the full story at SF Weekly.

Beastwars – Empire
Thanks to Craig Haze for bringing it to my attention.


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