Caliber X – Suburbia
German based band Caliber X is still summoning the mark of the beast with their latest release entitled Suburbia. The album spins eleven tracks of ruthless riffs, plummeting drum kicks and the signature low baritone vocals of Torsten Schramm. Released by Brett Hart Records early 2012 – Caliber X’s Suburbia is admirably produced and there is an unfailing smoky atmosphere swirling around the tracks.
The album opens with a gruelling guitar breakdown of which create a wicked rhythm. The boisterous melodies of the second track, “Suiciety” entwine to create damn good thrash riffs and the low baritone vocals give it a sprawling edge. Title track, “Suburbia”, tickles the old school blues groove but screams with powerful injustices of society. The singing on track six, “Moment to Wake-up” has a healthy dollop of verve and the bass reigns prominent – making it an astounding favourite. However, further down the track list “Epic Part One” and “Epic Part Two” are the hero tracks of Suburbia. Both tracks have high spots, meandering rhythms and a foggy distorted under-tone.
Suburbia is feisty with its machine-gun pace and the razor baritone vocals of lead singer Schramm add a fourth dimension to the music. Bass player Ole Gutmann and guitarist Bene Adenuaer strike the correct strings for the ferocious rhythm while the pots and pans player Fabian Renz give it a deadly kick!
Want a copy to listen to? Click [HERE] and [HERE] and thank me later!

They are out to get ya!


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