Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony

Blood Ceremony’s infused tinge of sophistication meets Hippie rock, comes alive on their 2008 release modestly entitled “Blood Ceremony” reissued by Rise Above records.  Fuelled with a passionate influence of Black Sabbath and words of the occult – this album makes me want to handle the music with a glass of Red and tap along with my bare feet.
Track by track the reissued Blood Ceremony album grows on me; with its various elements of strong and well-played guitars, polished flute additions and vocalizations of Temptress, Alia O’ Brien.  The rough and smooth instruments contrast on “Blood Ceremony” to perfection, venerating the esoteric and almost creating a celestial atmosphere. The unforgiving nature of Black Sabbath bleeds through the album – and I being an avid Sabbath fan could notice the reigning power. The most stand-out feature on the album aside from the flute nuances is the old school production feel. It has an almost smoky achievement best described as a gathering of Witches and Wizards around a ritual bonfire.
The album’s opening track “Master of Confusion” sets the tone of what can be expected from Blood Ceremony. The unusual execution of the flute can be associated with folk metal but Blood Ceremony is far from it. The stretching riffs and retrograde metal elements are purely enthralling and it is rare to have to hear such ‘fleshed out’ tracks. The most favoured track of mine is “Children of the Future” with its beautiful guitar riffage and spooky correlations of Tony Iommi techniques. The labyrinth of complex rhythms are implemented skilfully and one could get lost in thought when listening to such dexterity. When the transition of stylistic variation takes place – I barely noticed it due to the fluidity and neatness on the album. Alia O’ Brien compliments the “Blood Ceremony” album with her amazingly luscious vocals.
On initial listen to Blood Ceremony’s self-entitled release, I was acutely aware of the most feel-good Sabbath moments and I took like a bee to honey, growing accustomed to Alia O’ Brien and the band of retro-rock awesome. The genre is not centred to retro-rock or metal but it deserves a merry recommendation to any alternative fan. Furthermore, it would be a sin not to hear Blood Ceremony at its finest.

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