Beyond The Bridge – The Old Man and The Spirit

Concept albums always seem to come from a naked part of the Artist – profound and full of allegory. With that mentioned, the same can be said for Beyond The Bridge’s long anticipated release “The Old Man and The Spirit”. The lyrical based album comes across as a large musical with your imagination as the theatrical director and you as the only spectator.

Herbie Langhans and Dilenya Mar are responsible for the alluring duet of the “Old Man” and “The Spirit”. As far as the conception of the album is concerned, the “Old Man” refers to the human experiences while the “The Spirit” refers to the lady of wisdom. Throughout the album, there is a touching dialogue between the two embodiments and thus a connection is forged. It took a pulsating five years to complete the “The Old Man and The Spirit” and thus the album was ready for release with Frontier Records late January 2012.

Not being much of a progressive rock listener, it took a great deal of effort to hit play on the album though once started – I did not stop. The beginning of “The Old man and The Spirit” is absolutely smooth, fluid moving and sounds like the start of a high-end musical production. One can expect extravagant appearances from the orchestra as well as good use of the choral group and voice samplings. The piano and guitars deserve a special mention as they are both played to superior perfection – not surprising as most of the musicians on the album are trained professionals. The tinkle of bells can be experienced all over the release and one can catch the sprinkle of Arabian influence. If it is heavy that you are after, there is one stand out track that matches the speedy riffage with lyrics entitled “Doorway to Salvation”. There is a heavy rustic chug which complements the coarse vocals and do expect an enduring memorable bridge. However, don’t expect any brutal or slamming sounds rather nip in for some headphone time and ease into the jazz metal infused vocals. Become familiar with the crafted techniques of instruments and of course take pleasure in the musical production designed solely by the listener.

The concept release by Beyond The Bridge is quality and deservingly impressive. Normally not my cup of tea but “The Old Man and The Spirit” is a brilliant exception. With its classical attributes, silky vocals and a hint of metal – it goes down in my book as a worthy recommendation. 

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