A howling breath of fresh air! That is one way to describe Killed The Fixtion’s latest single release called Moonlite Blue.
Killed the Fixtion is a tempo tight band with really clean vocals and a mash-up of extorted influences. As the band members of KTF put it lightly, “Music is an element or tool and the way we reflect it through our music is simply just by feeling the combination of heavy rhythms mixed with harmony and melody. In the end, we play what we feel and what is in our hearts.”
Moonlite Blue has a twist of harmony, some sexy blues, and tight rhythm. It is neatly recorded and the track quality is pretty darn good! Howlin’ Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) is a major inspiration for the KTF single and righteously the band has been able to recreate the smoky guitar edge.  
Don’t believe me? Click on the Video to hear for yourself! If you like what you hear, then stimulate your eyes with Killed The Fixtion’s  prior interview  on Air Guitar and support the New Jersey band on their social cyber sites; Facebook and Twitter.


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