(Deadly/ Quirky/ Blistering on Stage/ Proudly Durban)

Why the name Stellawood Decapitation?

Shannon: Well, it started at Wojtek’s 21st…
Wojtek: But my birthday is still coming…
Matthew: No, it started at a new years eve party…
Shannon: That was when we decided to start the band haha!
Matthew *puzzled* *laughs*
Wojtek: Okay, it started with a mate of our’s telling a story over a FEW beers about him and some friends who were at the Stellawood cemetery one night, they were all socializing and what not “that’s what they said”  A whole bunch of cop cars pulled up like ten or so – pulled them out of the car and questioned them as to what they were doing there at the time. To cut the story short, they were told by the cops to pack up and fuck off  immediately because a guy had decapitated a dude and  left his head randomly around the cemetery. As to how true the story is, we are not sure haha! So the name pretty much just popped into our heads and it stuck.
Shannon: We wanted to keep the name proudly South African and as local as possible.
Proudly South African?

Shannon/Teague/Wojtek: Proudly Durban!!
Tell us a bit about your back story?

Shannon: Each member has performed in different bands in the past. I sang for a deathcore band called Through The eyes Of Hades; Teague played in a death metal band called Blood Drenched Homicide, Matt and Teague were session guitarists for Cynical Origin, Wojtek sang in a band called The Hollow and Steph was a session drummer for a few metal bands and performed full time for a few.
Steph, I didn’t want to but I have to ask, you are a female in a metal band and you play the drums like a beast. What is this like?

*laughs* Well, yeah, it’s not exactly what you think – I like to play groove, it’s not about how fast you play.
Matthew: And she is good at it – like a beast!
Has there ever been a ‘show me your tits’ story?      

Steph: No!
Everyone: *Laughs*
Wojtek: If there is anyone, we will kick ass if they are not respectable!
How did you manage to get into the Detonation tour?

 Shannon: A friend of ours informed me that Fleshgod Apocalypse will be touring the country in March 2012 and suggested we open up for them to represent Durban. So I then got in contact with Valentina and Gareth from Valgar Entertainment and …yeah. We were then asked to play at Rocktoberfest last year in October, which I had informed Gareth about to come and check us out and make a decision from there – so about 3 weeks after Rocktober Fest we got an email from Valentina asking if we would like to join The Red Door  leg of the tour. Teague nearly killed himself in excitement… I told him to at least play the show then off himself hahahaha I joke!
Teague: Thank God, I’m still alive so I could play
Wojtek: Yeah, lucky he didn’t kill himself!
You have all played in prior bands though what experience do you bring to Stellawood Decapitation?

Teague: We bring different genres and elements to the band and writing process!
Shannon: I think what makes us very unique is that Matt has a very Black metal background, Teague has a very tech death background, Wojtek has a death metal background as well as I, and Steph has a straight metal and groove influence.
Wojetk: We also have a bit of melodic influences too. And Steph keeps that classic drive behind us.
Shannon: We are like the new wave of Durban death metal – reason why we say that,  is the Durban metal scene is like a tidal wave, it has gone up and down drastically over the past few years. And we started (with a few new bands as well) at the time the scene was in a bit of a slump.
There are two types of metal bands; one that attracts groupies and one that attracts groupers (15 year old boys who want to headbang). Which one do you see yourself as?

Everyone: *Laughs*
Shannon: The three groupies we have are our girlfriend’s haha!
Wojtek: We have a solid fan base at every gig that we play… That’s not because they are mates with us – it’s because they actually like the music and the few that come out love supporting local metal. Some of them are mates but sometimes when we rock up to shows, there will be random guys coming along to say ‘hi’. We don’t know them but we will see them at every consecutive show and that’s pretty damn sweet!
Teague: I think what they like is the blend of all the styles of metal so I guess that is what attracts them to the shows.
What are the bands big influences?

Matt: I like the old school black metal. I’m also heavily into Gojira and Behemoth.
Steph: Groove metal bands and Veil of Maya!
Teague: Cannibal Corpse, a lot of tech death and a lot of prog.
Shannon: Carnifex and The Black Dahlia Murder
Wojtek: Vocally I have to say, Behemoth
I am going to throw a name at you and tell me the first thing that comes to mind:

Varg Viekernes
Matt: Good music but fucking screwed in the head!
Lacuna Coil
Steph: Young, poppy goths hahaha!
Abysmal Dawn
Teague: *nod* *nod* clarity and progressiveness
Corey Taylor
Shannon: Good vocalist, yet I’m not a fan of  him bringing the Stone Sour element of vocals into Slipknot. 2 different bands all together.
Phil Anselmo
Wojtek: Legend! Legend!

The band is doing their EP and naming it Teagolo the Dinosaur? Are you really naming it that?
Shannon: As I said, we really dig to keep the band as local as possible.

What is local about a dinosaur?

Everyone: *laughs*
Wojetk: Golo means pussy. And Teague got this nickname in college “Teagolo” (Teague the Vagina). And when Teague gets really drunk – he walks around like a Dinosaur *attempts T-Rex stance*  Hence the name Teagolo The Dinosaur!
Everyone: *Laughs*

Stellawood Decapitation, do you have any last words?

Wojtek: Keep it metal! Thank you to Valentina and Gareth for putting on an amazing local show/tour and letting South Africans experience what the rest of the world has to offer.  A huge shout out to Fleshgod Apocalypse for coming down and pleasing our ears!
Shannon: Thank you to all the fans that we have gained in the past few months, for their incredible support and company. We are a new band and they are brilliant beings for believing in us and being behind us all the way!
Matt:  Also, we have a new bassist (Dylan Mcdonald) who has joined the ranks and filling in the final piece to the band. So look out for him at a show soon!
Shannon: And Lav, Thank you!

Thank you Lads and Lady! Catch ALL things STELLAWOOD DECAPITATION on Facebook and Reverbnation !


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