South Africa Metal: RIGORMORTEM

(True Black Metal/ Grotesque Beautiful/ Aggression)
Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with Air Guitar! Do you think some people might have the wrong idea about Black Metal?

Indeed, especially since commercial black metal has grown.
It has become a disgusting money maker, stealing the true essence of what black metal should be.  Black Metal seems to be more of a trend nowadays – a complete eyesore to the true supporters of the genre. The true art behind the black flame that is Black Metal has been smothered by Trend.

Let’s talk about the grotesque beautiful black metal of Rigormortem – the band is quite reminiscent of early Dimmu Borgir – has that influence shaped the band?

Where older Rigormortem held keyboard pieces yes, but  most would notice that they have been written out of the newer compositions. Symphonic Black Metal is an idea we scrapped early in our minds after forming the band. It is a general misconception that Rigormortem is attempting elite black metal. We aren’t. In fact, We’re heading more into Black Death now. Something We feel very strong about.

You’re down to two original. How many band members can you go down to before it stops being Rigormortem?

Where some have left, others have filled the void. Moulding the beast if you will… As long as there is an original member, the band will continue, and still be Rigormortem.
The two Original members have always been in Rigormortem, and still are.

The band just played at Summerfest 2012: the pictures look amazing and the corpse paint still haunts, how was the gig?

Was a good return after many years. A tribute to the end of an era for Rigormortem before moving on to greater things. Many advances for the band’s sound lies ahead. Rebirth, if you will.

Let’s talk about The Fall of God’s Empire – what was the concept behind the release?

It’s been put down very blatantly – The title absolutely speaks for itself. Simply put, it depicts our disregard for Any and All religion. A very strong, common ground, for all the members of Rigormortem. We find ourselves overcome with aggression even at the thought of Religion, so why not use our music as an outlet. 

There is a great tendency of Rigormortem to use symphonic elements – if budget was no object – would the band use more classical instruments?

As mentioned, we feel it would not fit into the path we have ahead. It’s something We put behind us many years ago. We were young, and had no idea of what direction we wanted Rigormortem to head towards. We wrote a few tracks hoping it would eventually take us to the right path, and it eventually did.
Adding the slightest atmosphere would probably be as far as we would be willing to go. This “Dimmu Borgir” connotation is not something we find flattering.

Are there any plans for a new album that the band would like to share with Air Guitar?

A full length is due. We aim to create the strongest material to date. We’ve been brainstorming and compiling for some time now, and it’s finally about to take form. A completely new Rigormortem will come from this.

What does the rest of 2012 hold for Rigormortem?

Reshaping Rigormortem into what it was always meant to be. It was decided that 2012 would be the year we announce Our return. Something We’ve been very eager about. We’ve been away for 3years – too long.

If you could ask the father of corpse paint, Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin) a question, what would it be?

His thoughts on the parasite that is humanity.  Guidance to cope with the idiocy force-fed into our genre by trend.

Tell us what the Cape Town metal scene is like – are the Metalheads creeping out of the woodwork?

Many metalheads in very mixed new-age genres, along with the old and true.
Still much room to advance. Two steps forward, one step back. But growth is definitely there.

Does Rigormortem have any last words?

Only for Our supporters to be patient – The best is yet to come… We’ve needed the time away from the scene to grow musically, and it’s paid off. We’ve set a very high bar for ourselves, and We won’t settle for anything less. 

Horns Up to RIGORMORTEM for the interview!
More RIGORMORTEM can be found at Facebook and Reverbnation!


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