South Africa Metal: BLEEDING SPAWN

(Brutal/ Damn Fast/ Raging Live/ Heavy Very Heavy)

Thank you for taking time out to do this interview with Air Guitar! How did this whole journey begin for Bleeding Spawn?
Dominic (Bass):  It started in mid 2009, finding the members was the most essential part in creating the music that we wanted to produce and expose, after we all got together we all knew what we wanted to do in the band and that was to create extreme music /death metal…

What is the metal scene like in Bleeding Spawn’s place of origin – Mpumalanga/Midelburg?
Dominic (Bass): The scene here is like metal should be UNDERGROUND, not many people here listen to it or follow it but the metal heads that we have here are die hard metal fans that support in every way possible.
How would the band describe their music to the metalheads abroad?

Dominic (Bass): Well what I always say is super brutal damn fast and you gotta see it to believe it.
With so many good reviews under the Bleeding Spawn repertoire – what sort of mosh-me-to-the-ground live shows can we expect in the near future?
Dominic (Bass): Well we are playing alongside Fleshgod Apocalypse for the whole tour (Detonation) that alone is going to break necks, then we got a show with our good friends Contrast the Water in Johannesburg the 20th of April that one will also be ultra heavy, then after that we will plan some stuff for our fans to feed them their dose of brutal music.
Death metal has tagged itself as music for people just to smash themselves to – is that the case with Bleeding Spawn?
Dominic (Bass): Smash themselves to hahahaha, well I think death metal fans like smashing others instead. I disagree death metal for me is like food water and air its life for me it shows me meaning of diversity….so with Bleeding Spawn sure it’s always awesome to see people have fun if that means smashing themselves up or just pure headbanging but still we have meaning behind the music and yes a message should be broadcasted and that is what we intend on doing.
Every band member of Bleeding Spawn has had prior experience with another band. How does this experience help now?
Dominic (Bass): With whatever you do musically it will only make you better at the end of the day.
According to the public, the band has an industrial grind edge to the music – where does the ferocious anger come from?
Dominic (Bass): Where we live we is harder than normal, there is no metal pubs or clubs all you got is testosterone junkies that hate metal so we learnt from the day we first listened to metal that we are going to have to stand up for ourselves so a lot of that anger is processed in the community that we live, the other is misanthropy.
What can we expect from Bleeding Spawn in 2012? Can the band tell us about any albums or projects in progress?
Dominic (Bass):We are releasing our EP/demo/split on the Fleshgod apocalypse tour after we come back we going to be working on more recording and hopefully by June we should have our full length out. My other project along side Darius of Displeased Disfigurement, we also bring out our full length about the same time 
Let’s talk about Rise of the Machine – what was the concept behind that track release?
Dominic (Bass):Technology has ruined the way humans think and react, a lot of jobs don’t even need human work, only machines, so the concept of the song is purely about robots and mechanical figures taking over the human race-yes we watch a lot of Terminator – lol! 
Overall – with the death metal scene growing in South Africa shall it be said that it is the artist who creates the metal scene?
Dominic (Bass): In my opinion I think it’s the artist and the supporter. Take either away you going to have an uneven balance 
Does Bleeding Spawn have any last words?
Dominic (Bass): Come support us and the rest of South Africa’s metal bands on the Fleshgod tour WE GOTTA REPRESENT!
Thank You Dominic! Catch all the brutality of Bleeding Spawn:


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