South Africa Metal: FORGIVE US NOT

(Melodic Awesomeness)

Let’s start off with the almost misleading band name, Forgive Us Not. For a split second – the name gives a religious probe though where did the band name originate from?

Daniel ( our drummer ) came up with it one day at home and relayed the name to us and upon us choosing the name, we noticed the abbreviation was F.U.N. which fit perfectly to our personalities!We like to have fun and give hugs…. and sex.

On that note how did the band meet-up considering that F.U.N is fairly new on the music scene?

Daniel ( drummer ), Slava ( Bass ) and Travis (guitar 1) started the band right at the end of Daniel’s High School career.We then got Kyle Louw on guitar 2, but he was replaced shortly by Alex Cilliers. Daniel told Juan Vogel ( Current Vocalist ) to come check us out at practice. After that, we officially had a vocalist. A few gigs in, and Alex was replaced by Zade Vogel ( Current guitar 2 ). Zade and Juan are brothers. Thats how we found Zade.

Something that really stands out with F.U.N is the fact that the band does not hold back on the gigging front. The band has played at almost every available metal venue in the Western Cape as well as a number of metal bands. So, share some stories with my readers, do tell us of any good or bad experiences and memories.

One of the good memories was defnitaly playing at Metal4Africa Summerfest ’12. It was an all round good gig and party! Other good memories are also from some of our first shows at Muzone. It’s unfortunate that the venue closed down. We had a good time playing their final Bluddjin Fest! As for bad experiences, I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t had any yet!

What is F.U.N’s take on the South African live music metal scene?  How challenging is it to get out there as a start-up band? What is the support system like in the scene?

To be honest, the support is average but more than enough to work with, although we’ve noticed that the underage crowd are more supportive at gigs. The future of metal is looking bright for South Africa. We think S.A is coming to its time when it is slowly starting to get noticed by other parts of the world for its music scene. Unfortunately metal is one of the last genres looked at, but we think SA’s time is coming

Focusing on the Blood Hell track, do tell the readers about the production values and the inspiration for the track.

Blood Hell was one of the 1st tracks written for F.U.N. It’s dark and melodic with a twist keeping true to the metal genre. The recording is nowhere near the quality of our album quality tracks that we are starting to record with though.

I noticed that F.U.N has made the decision to do studio only releases instead of the usual D.I.Y paths that most bands take. What was the reason behind that decision?

Simple – Quality over quantity. Spend the money, work hard and do the right thing from the start. Any other way is wasting your time and money.

F.U.N takes a lot of influence from the more modern bands (i.e. Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine) as opposed to the classic metal acts – can the members elaborate on the influences that go into the music side of things?

We all love our old school metal and it is what got us all into playing, example Daniel (drums) and Zade (guitars) love Metallica, Dream Theater and AC/DC. We are just more inclined to play modern day metal but we still incorporate old school elements into our playing which is evident in our track “Fear MeLucifer” Basically, we like to make music that WE enjoy to play, whether it sounds old school or not. So long as we’re happy with it and it sounds good, we’ll play it.

Recently, the band recorded new tracks and I am guessing some good things are happening for the members. What has F.U.N got lined-up for 2012?

2012 is going to be a good year for us. We have started recording our Debut Album which will be entitiled ‘Inside This Sea Of Sin’. Thats all we can give away at this point concerning the album though. We are putting together what we call an ‘Album Preview’. Its around 3 songs that will be released that are going on our upcoming album. One of the songs, ‘Fear Me Lucifer’, has already been released. There are chances of a ‘Fear Me Lucifer’ Music Video to be released when the rest of the album preview comes out in a few weeks time. Nothing’s official yet. Although a Fear Me Lucifer music video would be awesome!

Lastly does F.U.N have any words that you would like to add especially to our readers from abroad?

Don’t underestimate the metal scene in South Africa. It is growing, slowly but surely. Also, there is always speculation of bands “apparently” touring to South Africa. Get your act together, clear the speculation and just come pay us a visit! We’re right next to Australia, New Zealand and South America for fuck’s sake! You can’t miss us!

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Thank you F.U.N for the interview!!


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