This is MY Metal Life – Adrian Dixon – METAL DAD AUSTRALIA

(Adrian Dixon- Metal Blogger)

I love Twitter! Simply because I get to ‘meet’ some really awesome people and bloggers too! This is where I was introduced to @metaldad_666 also known as Adrian who writes his own metal blog called Metal Dad Australia. I just had to quiz him about the blog-o-sphere, Soundwave and what’s so metal about the Australian outback.

Hi Adrian! Thank you for taking some time out for doing this interview – a lot has taken place in the last 
couple of weeks – so let’s get to it.

No worries Lav, anytime!

Metal has to start from somewhere, how did you get into Metal? Where did it all begin for you?

I think hearing Def Leopards “Rocket” at the age of about 8 or 10 planted the seed and the whole ugly tree has grown from that. Poison and Motley Crue were the first big “metal” (haha funny to think of them as metal now) bands that I really got into. Then my older sister introduced me to Metallica at around 12 and from there…. Guns and Roses, Pantera and Sepultura.

How did you get into Metal Blogging? What is your main aim of being a Metal Blogger?

Blogging? My wife is a blogger! And I thought “I could do that”, haha.
Metal? I just love it! I thought I would just give my opinion on what I thought of things, I seriously didn’t think anyone would give shit!
My aim? For me, it is all about the music. I wanted to be honest and not write “puff” pieces to help major record labels sell more records, and if got to hear some killer new tunes, meet some awesome new people, like yourself and maybe even help someone achieve their dream along the way, then that would be a bonus.

A part from being dead-point honest in your blogs, you also grab some time to write for Broken Neck. Do tell the readers, what it is that you do there?

I was to come on board as a DJ at Broken Neck Radio but due to technical difficulties and a huge time difference, I made to tough decision to withdraw from that role.

How can bands contact you for band promotion?

I have a Facebook page, direct email and twitter. I’m always happy to talk to anyone and listen to music, so come say hello!
Metaldad with his Another Hell T-Shirt!
Do you have any special social media strategies to connect to your audience?

No set strategies, I just try to interact with people and if I find something good, I’ll share it!

Could you please elaborate on your thoughts about the Australian Metal scene? What is happening in the Down-Under and are the Australian bands getting a fair amount of attention from abroad?

The Australian metal scene is very strong, with some extremely talented bands coming through. Australia’s biggest problems are probably the size of our country, our relatively small population and our heavy American influence, don’t get me wrong I love American and European metal as well but Australians need to support the local bands too.
Australia attracts a wealth of Metal bands from across the scenes to play at festivals. Do tell the readers about any Metal festivals that happen in Australia. Have you attended any of these festivals and if so, what did you think/experience from it?
Australia has two major festivals “The Big Day Out” and “Soundwave”, The Big Day Out has been around for 20 years now and has progressively become more main stream, whereas Soundwave is relatively new and is METAL. I have only been to each of the two once, the “BDO” in 2005 on the Gold Coast (Qld) because it had a killer line up for both myself and my wife (she’s not really a metal head), with the likes of System Of A Down, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Powderfinger, Grinspoon and The John Butler Trio. It was a great day, big name bands played at different times on stages next to each other but they ran out of the major sponsors beer (???) and I lost my shirt, hat and a camera.
Soundwave, I went to just a couple of days ago (2012) in Melbourne and the line up was…………….. fucking insane!!! Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Chimaira, Hellyeah, Shadows Fall, Limp Bizkit and Motionless In White, to mention a few. The main issue with Soundwave, for me was bands were playing at the same time, so we missed a lot but it was such a great day that it didn’t really matter, the weather was great, beer was cold and the crowd was happy and friendly.

Being active in the scene as well as writing about it – surely you have your favourite Metal bands. Could you explain who, you think is the next big “breaking” band?

Number one band of all time…. Pantera!! But after Dime died, music changed, I got into black and death metal more, which I still love today. At the moment I really like Suicide Silence and Motionless In White (very different bands) but if music is heavy and has a good hook to it, I’ll listen.
Bands to watch? Datura Curse from Sydney are in the studio recording their debut full length album which I’m looking forward to, also Sandraudiga (US), Deprivation (Aus), Another Hell (Swe), Sanity Of Impiety (Swe) and I really think Motionless In White(US) will be huge.

Finally, do you have any last words that you would like to add?

Keep banging your head!! And support the small, local bands.
The metal world is alive and well, let’s keep it that way!!

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