Disturbingly beautiful and somewhat fierce, Ahnengrab entices me throughout their new album “Omen”. Their track list is governed by a compelling force of distorted guitars grazing classical instruments and one of the most gruelling vocals ever. In fact, Omen can be best described as ‘Snow White just met Jack the Ripper’.
Omen presents twelve tremendous tracks of black pagan metal music. The innocence of the album is prominent with the inclusion of the Berlin/Brandenburg orchestra which greatly contrasts the ripping nature of the guitars, drums and coarse vocals. With only a thousand copies available from 17 February 2012, it would be a sin not to hear Ahnengrab’s primarily German lyrics and head banging riffs.
I am greatly absorbed into the symphonic details of Omen, such craft and a hint of the grotesque beautiful. “Furcht” possibly the most outstanding track of Ahnengrab impresses with a slow melodic beginning which builds into a short-fuse of drum power. There is great riffage throughout the track and then the crusty vocals add a dark atmosphere. Quite a stirring and fearful ambience is created and at some point I can imagine a woodland ready to be torn apart by an approaching battle. Another brutal track is “Omen” which meanders in and out of a soft and a loud composition. The least amount of classical orchestration takes place on this track and a bite of pure black metal can be experienced. The song spans for a glorious eight minutes but it’s so worth getting lost in its raw and distorted rage. Unfortunately, the track list of the album Omen does not run as fluidly as I hoped it to be but that is the only flaw on the release as far as I am concerned.
There are many attractive elements presented by Ahnengrab on Omen from traditional metal to pagan metal therefore garnering a large audience both far and wide. The band’s ambitious efforts are easily recognized and are on top form especially with the grandiose inclusion of the Berlin/Brandenburg orchestra. In my great honesty, Ahnengrab’s new album Omen is a clear winner.
[originally posted by Lav Nandlall on Alternative Matter]


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