South Africa Metal: SUIDERBEES

With so much of great young blood and enigmatic talent dripping from all edges of South Africa – it is about time that this METAL scene gets exposure to international shores! During the next few weeks, AIR GUITAR BLOG will be featuring only the brutal and cutting edge Metal bands from South Africa! Some of these bands you might have never heard about but once you do – your playlist will change to the darkest deepest depths of Heavy Metal from the southern territories of Africa!


SuiderbeeS (Southern Beast) is a truly ripping mosh-me-to-the-ground brutal death metal band from Cape Town. Previously the band worked under the name, Abiogenesis but changed their name and sound to something far more extreme! SuiderbeeS is quirky, honest and ready to rip, tear, gnaw their way into the Metal hearts. The band talks about the Detonation Tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse, their new release The Segregation and leave a message for Die Antwoord!

Firstly, a beastly thanks to the band for agreeing to do this interview! I have to admit SuiderbeeS comes across as super brutal and the death metal vibes are apparent in the few YouTube recordings. Please can you give a short introduction to the band for our readers abroad?

We are a symphonic death metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. The idea for the band was spawned in December 2009. In August 2010 SuiderbeeS debuted onto the local metal scene. SuiderbeeS is Afrikaans for Southern Beast and is pronounced say-der-b-s.

Could the band elaborate on where all this ferocious energy comes from and explain the influences of the band?

Well the ferocity is important as to what defines the essence of death metal. Each member has his/her own list of influences that fuel them musically. Personally my musical aggression derives from dealing with religion, racism, corruption and stupid people daily. We have a wide variety of bands that we idolize, but when it comes to writing songs we always try come up with something unique.

The band is fairly new on the SA metal scene though the line-up has varied and went through stages of rough. Now the line-up is slightly more stable (with the exception of looking for a new bassist); are all the band members happy to be in this position?

It was frustrating to get a stable line-up yes but as they say,” good things come to those that are patient”.  Its nerve wrecking to look for a new band member but it can bring new energy and inspiration to a band. As with the addition of our new lead guitarist, Divan de Kock. Thus, we are happy to be in our current position. Next time we hit the stage, SuiderbeeS is going to hit harder than ever before.

Can the band elaborate on the self-released demo uniquely entitled Demo (n)? What was the concept behind that and can you take us through the actual songs featured on the demo release.

The demo was self-released to help promote the band at Ramfest in February 2010. We decided on the title to show that yes we are metal, but we have a fun side to the band as well. The demo ended up being rushed, deeming it unfit for further distribution. The track list is as follow:
 Abiogenesis – The name comes from a previous incarnation of SuiderbeeS. The track itself is an instrumental intro.
Malevolence A.D. (Rest In Pieces) – This song has since become our hit that gets the moshpit wild. The lyrics are about the riders of the apocalypse being awakened to exterminate mankind.
Theodicy – This song was scrapped after playing it live a few times because it didn’t deliver the same amount of power as the rest of our set did.  However, after breathing new life into it, it has been re-introduced to our live set as “Born To Bury”. The lyrics speak of mankind and its deep-laden primal roots and how we see ourselves as superior to other life forms, even if we just are animals.
 Eaten – This Bloodbath cover has come with us a long way. It’s a bit of a curse I’d say because we get asked to play it at literally at every show! We chose this song for the demo because it’s a simplistic, powerful song that we all love.
How important are the lyrics for SuiderbeeS? Who writes them and what kind of themes inspire the lyrics?

Lyrics have always been more of relationship between a vocalist and the listener. In the case of all lyrics being written by the vocalist, that is. As vocalist I prefer writing all my own lyrics as it’s easier for me to express my own emotions than another’s. Most of my lyrics deal with religion, misanthropy, war, death, corruption, etc. I like keeping my lyrics plain and simple rather than overcrowding it with a lot of big words to sound cool. In my opinion you get your message across a lot better that way.

On that note, a song that has caught my attention and another Blogger is Malevolence A.D (Rest in Pieces) I particularly love the use of the fast-paced riffs and the mosh-me-to-the-ground feel. Where did that particular composition derive from and any chance of re-issue being done with it?

Malevolence A.D. (Rest In Pieces) is one of those songs that just came spontaneously. A star alignment if you will. It’s one of my quickest lyrical compositions thus far, because of the instrumentals giving me instant motivation while in writing process. It’s being re-issued on the upcoming debut album.

What can we expect in terms of music from SuiderbeeS in 2012? Will there be any releases, gigs, festival appearances?

It’s looking to be a good year for the “beeS” so far. We are starting recording our debut album, The Segregation, in this month. A release date hasn’t been established yet but it promises to be a BEESPOESBRUTAL album. So far we only have two gigs lined up for the year. The first being supporting Fleshgod Apocalypse for the Cape Town leg of the Detonation Tour and the latter being the album launch of our mates from Sindulgence.

South Africa is still developing in terms of metal – how has SuiderbeeS found the current scene treating them? Do you have loyal fans or is it harder to garner death metal fans?

From our first gig we have always had a good size fan base showing their support at shows. We are still new to the scene so we aren’t that well known yet, but already we have been branded as one of the “heavy weights” in the Cape Town scene. We have loyal fans yes and I love spending time with them at every show. It’s important to let them know how much you value their support.
And finally, does SuiderbeeS have any last words?

Yes Lav! Thank you for the interview and the support. Keep supporting South African metal as it will dominate the world soon. To all our fans, thanks for the support and sweaty hugs. Haters, keep on hating as your doing a great job with getting our name out there. And “Die Antwoord”, FOK JOU, JOU AAP!! BEESPOESBRUTAL!!!
Click [HERE] for some SUIDERBEES music and click [HERE] to visit the SUIDERBEES profile!
SUIDERBEES is currently looking for a Bass player for their line-up! All awesome as fuck People to contact suiderbees (at) live (dot) com

Thank you Suiderbees! Horns up! 


2 thoughts on “South Africa Metal: SUIDERBEES

  1. Awesome interview. Indeed a band that has great potential in the Cape Town metal scene and who has great respect for their fans, but still know how to keep things beespoesbrutal. I look forward to seeing Suiderbees succeed.

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