Heavy Metal as we know it has become much more than just music – it has integrated into our lives, our environments and has fallen into the crevices of our very own experiences. For some, Metal is what they eat, breathe and sleep with. 

Thanks to social media sites and the growing popularity of the world wide web, finding Metalheads, Headbangers or like-minded individuals has never been easier! On facebook – one can friend an army of Metal soldiers, on twitter one can construct a stream of Metal followers, on social bookmarking sites – one can find relative up-to-date articles on Heavy Metal bands and so the list goes on…

The point is Metal has become Global.

Recently on twitter, I posted the question How did you get into Heavy Metal? The response that followed was amazing! Metal men and Metal maidens, I present to you the replies:

Some of us started with the Big Four. In this case Metallica who have seemed to impress with their brutal and in my opinion best album Master Of Puppets

Simple I like metal since I was little… Started with Metallica… Korn… Papa Roach and since that its never been the same! – alejmuri Alejandro Murillo

I was always attracted to guitar music from early on…once I heard Metallica’s One I was sold… – HomeNucleonics RaymondW 

 I heard the “Master of Puppets” record from my cousin when it first came out. BLEW MY MIND!!! It was all downhill from there – mor_metal_thn_u Wade 

Hearing the opening riff to Enter Sandman at a friend’s house, aged 11. Fucking awesome moment. – Mr_Fred_Guest Adam 

Some of us got our first taste of metal through family and friends. May we be forever grateful to them for showing us the light!

 When I was 6 yrs. old I was in the car with my uncle and he put in a Manowar cassette. The sound was fierce. I was hooked! – Man_O_Thor Frank Santorelli 

My brother made me listen to it, we worked together, and he controlled the radio. 😀 – kels_72 Kelly  

The power and brusque of Black Sabbath and its members had a great hold amongst most of us and still does to this very day. [R.I.P Dio]

 I started with Black Sabbath. Good drum beats attract me. – Netteallica  Lynette 

When I listened to Dio’s “I speed at night”, I was excited by its speed and heaviness. I had never experienced such a song! – metamimi Hiro 

There was a video show called ‘Power Hour’. Heard Ozzy’s ‘Ultimate Sin’. I loved it, my parents hated it, I was hooked. – Habsdad Darren G  

There was the New Wave of British Heavy Metal which swept most of the wayward souls into a frenzy! Then of course, there was MTV but nowadays MTV is dead to Metal. Amen.

 I was raised on nwobhm by a uncle which is where my love for Diamond Head comes from and it went from there to where I am now – manc_metalhead Jay 

Well I’ve got into Rock music first, when I was 13 years old by MTV till 17 I got into metal music till this day! \m/ – Rattlehead81 Rashed I 

Those Cowboys from Hell gave many of us a reason to live life to the full and raise the horns. [R.I.P Dimebag Darrell]

 I guess I was born into it. My family listened to rock, and eventually I found Pantera. The rest is history. –  1spookydick Keith Roberto Hatlak 

Easy one this. One listen to cowboys from hell by pantera and it was metal all the way – GrindHorizon Grind Horizon  

Gene Simmons. Enough said.

 Two words says it all: Kiss – Destroyer –BrianBasher Brian Basher 

The 80’s seemed to have produced some of the finest Metal bands as well as albums of all time. I think many of you would agree.

 Heard Twisted Sister in the early 80’s and I was hooked. – Rajendra Rajendra Singh 

Went to see Judas priests in 1983 at a tender age of 13 they blew my head off and I loved it – sharkymarky06 mark horbury  

For some (including myself) going to a Metal show was where it all really began…

@danicouture and Bill Kennedy took me to a show in a remote Etobicoke warehouse in November of 2008 and changed my life. – NatalieZed NatalieZed 

Spheres Of Madness-Decapitated….blew my brain out of my ass and was hooked from then on – unhallowedmag Unhallowed Nation 

Derek Riggs began more than just a trend – he started an army.

Was impressed by Iron Maiden’s album covers as very young girl and then later heard Run To The Hills by accident on the radio. – ironmadna Madna 

Raise the Horns to all who have contributed! To simply follow these awesome Metalheads on twitter, click on the red tag next to the quote. \m/ 


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