Alternative Series: GUILT MONKEY (Belgium)


Since Saturday morning, I have been dancing around my bedroom like a Buffoon on speed to a track called “Rage” off the début album, Crash and Burn from a little known band called Guilt Monkey.
Surprisingly, they’re not metal (my preferred taste) nor will I endorse them as such – Guilt Monkey is prototype smooth rock and roll with hard licks and a bite of sophistication. There is definite evidence of a groovy and melodic hook that glides throughout the album albeit fresher than a nun’s daisy scented underwear!

The three-piece Belgium based Rockers comprise of vocalist and guitars man, Brin Addison, pots and pans player, Thibault Jungers and bass player Colin Delloye who are all responsible for the energetic and pulsating sounds of Guilt Monkey. It must be noted that these three musicians are far from new and actually know the weave in and around the music industry so expect more flesh to the bone!
I can picture the scene, of myself, with a glass of Red in hand and Doc Martens encasing my feet, jumping around to the groove of “Rage” with its damn catchy riff’s and neat vocals. The trio of Rockers can take stupendous credit for the opening track, as each member displays great techniques of their craft. Further into the debut album, a track entitled “Ride the Wave” hits the nail of commercial awesome. Yes! I truly believe that Guilt Monkey can take this track to heights of strong success especially with the subtle hints of inspiration taken from Deep Purple and Queens of The Stone Age. There is a beautiful cross-fire of creative skill bleeding through the track with the lyrics centre folded on modern world tribulations. As for the track simply entitled “Crash and Burn”, its sophisticated rock with intelligent helpings of lyrical charm and a slamming riff. I have no critiques on the Crash and Burn album – a rare argument in a post-rock era.
With that said; the blues musical tones, the powerful drums, the surging bass and the prowess of the guitar combine to a striking Guilt Monkey debut album which can be best described as Fuck, Yeah!

The genre of Guilt Monkey does get blurred between hard alternative and classic rock not that it matters. In terms of listenership, Crash and Burn can garner many friends and fans within the parameters of clean cut, leave out the frills, rock and roll! There is some serious addition of quality and patience placed within Guilt Monkey’s compositions and it is professionally produced. What more could you possibly want? Guilt Monkey’s, Crash and Burn album is worth every penny – serving its purpose in the car, at the bus stop, at pre-drinks, for when you meet your in-laws and of course for when you close the curtains and dance around like a Buffoon!
For more Guilt Monkey and how to order you copy of the Crash and Burn album, click on the following links: Soundcloud and Facebook. I highly recommend! 


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