Band Horn: Another Hell (Sweden)

Breaking the Mould

Swedish “rust” metal band, Another Hell, possesses the quality to pay meticulous detail to attention and that is what sets them apart from their fellow competition! Their EP, Drowning in Dirt pays tribute to the above statement; absolutely well produced with crisp vocals, thunderous drums, a number of slick shreds and of course the icing of a slim bass-line. A perfect metal combination!

Although, Another Hell, are not new on the block – they have been perfecting their instrumental techniques since the early ‘90’s under a different name. After a hiatus, the band reformed, reshuffled and re-collected their thoughts in northern Sweden as Another Hell.
“We are very satisfied with the EP,” says bass player, Jim Edström. “We kind of just play what we think sounds good and I personally don’t think about what it sounds like.” Play what sounds good indeed! Another Hell tracks don’t just ride on the composition of rhythm but also contain a strong lyrical message. As Edström elaborates, “It is about environmental issues, political issues and injustice issues too but there is so much more than that; like greed and power.”

The capacity of power that Another Hell captures in their music is duly evident in their tracks, “Capitol Hill” and “Redemption”. A slight influence by bands like Metallica and Machine Head can be recognized but only for a split second. As Edström, mentioned in an earlier interview that he listened solely to Metallica for years and years until he was introduced to Machine Head. However, the band is far more groove/death heavy and the EP is only a slice of the real metal pie. Another Hell is currently working on a full length release. “We have no release date as yet so I cannot tell you anymore on that but it will be a great release. There is a lot of work going in there!” exclaims Edström.
You can tell that a profuse amount of work and attention to the finer details are going to take place on Another Hell’s working title release. It must be noted that the band’s work does not stop there. They are equally devoted to their fans as Edström discusses, “Looking back at 2011, the biggest surprise musically has to be very many people and fans that have supported us from all over. I hope this continues.”
Another Hell are definitely on the right path musically and have a number of grand expectations with their soon to be release. Glancing at Another Hell’s Twitter, Facebook and Officialpage has me guessing – just how quickly will it be before the band breaks out into a much greater scene? My estimated time frame – very soon!
A glorious thank you to Jim Edström for agreeing to do the interview as well as Biodagar (Leticia) for organizing everything and the members of Another Hell for agreeing to be featured on Air Guitar!  


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