Band Horn: Dawn Of Valor (Minnesota)

I am going to end the year 2011 with the old and not the new, very apt for Air Guitar’s featured band, Dawn of Valor!

Hailing from Minnesota, Dawn of Valor, throw out a thrashing number of tracks all with the NWOBHM element present as well as a great whiplash of pure 80’s Heavy Metal.
The vocals are deep, powerful, crisp and melodic as such are shredding of instruments.

The new line-up of Dawn of Valor, spent much of the 2011 summer recording their second EP entitled Immortal Flame which has led to better reviews and much more attention, the band now prepares for the 2012 full length debut album followed by touring.
Dawn of Valor shall also be releasing the Immortal Flame EP on 7″ vinyl via Iron Shield Records out of Germany in the following months. Iron Shield Records will also be the band’s distribution label in Europe and Japan for their upcoming full length CD due out in 2012. On their continuing metal crusade these men have shared the stage with such metal allies as Primordial, Primal Fear and Korpiklaani to name a few.
I am highly impressed with the band as they are indeed quite refreshing amongst the growls and screams of Metal. Perfect for when you want to just ease into the traditional side of pure Heavy Metal!  
Visit the Dawn of Valor for more information at their official website or Myspace or Reverbnation or Facebook!

An awesome thank-you to Jaden Adair for making me aware of the band – cheers for the information and all the best for Dawn of Valor in 2012!


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