Band Horn: Seventh (Norway)

Northern Diamond In The Rough

The Norwegian Metal scene is thriving; there is no doubt about that, great potential and swell artistry but none as close as the latest diamond in the rough. Seventh!

Seventh are blistering!
We’re still getting used to people giving us compliments for our music! It’s a fantastic feeling when people tell you how much they love what it is you do! We really haven’t gotten all that much press yet, but the ones that have written about us have all been supportive and positive. And people keep turning up to our shows, so that’s gotta mean something good, right?” questions Bass player, Thomas Sivertsen.

Rightly so! The five band members have been actively shredding their instruments and stirring crowds at JuRoTo Open Air Festival in Germany and HOVE Festival in Norway. The latter festival saw Seventh grinding their licks of creativity alongside bands like Architects and Soilwork.   

As Sivertsen states, “We are quite familiar with HOVE festival, seeing as it’s located right in our own home town. It was absolutely awesome! Even though the weather was awful (it was raining like hell!) we enjoyed ourselves very much! And it seemed like the fans that showed up had a great time too! It’s a very unique experience, playing a stage that size for the first time!”

In addition to playing a bigger stage, the members of Seventh are currently putting the ‘metal to the recording room’ as Sivertsen explains; “We earlier had the general idea that our songs should relate to the end of the world in different ways, and Goddess of the Sun is actually a reference to the nuclear bomb! Our fans can expect a release date as soon as we find a music company willing to work with us! Until then you can enjoy 2 songs from the upcoming release on our [official] web-page, Facebook page or MySpace page, produced by our dear friend Baard Thorstensen, the guitarist from Clawfinger, whom did a great job with our songs!”

Seventh’s released songs, “Usurper” and “Metamorphosis”, which are available for streaming on their official pages is deliciously contorted and brutally unforgiving. From the above video, one can hear, the the thunderous drums, infusion of crusting vocals, ravishing guitars and a neat bass. In fact, it shocks me that the band has not been plucked by a recording company as yet. However, the same cannot be said for their fans that seem to be spluttering with euphoria from various corners of the earth as Sivertsen adds, “We have had some interest from other countries, like right now! [of course!] And just a while ago, we found out that we have fans in Iran! That was pretty incredible! Norwegian metal fans are pretty awesome! They usually always support their “local heroes”, and as soon as something big happens, they’re there to help you along. We wouldn’t be anywhere if not for our friends and early fans!”

However, Seventh won’t stand to be repressed musicians; they embody focus and gusto. “We try to set ourselves bigger and bigger goals for the future, and divide into smaller ones, so it seems easier getting ahead. Though there’s no denying its hard work. Bands don’t just play music anymore. We do economics, business planning, marketing and product development, while still having tons of fun on stage! But of course, we still have our “childish” dreams and hopes for the future. I think the ultimate goal for all of us is being able to make a living playing our music live and selling records,” clarifies Sivertsen.  

Hardly “childish” and far from having pipe-dreams, Air Guitar wants to be the first to say, Seventh marvels on paper and stereo!

To find out more information about Seventh and the corresponding band members, Dag Haugland – Vocals, Thomas Sivertsen – Bass, Magnus Duedahl Pedersen – Guitar, Andreas Valenzuela – Guitar, Joachim Walle Michalsen – Drums, visit the Official web-page or Facebook or Myspace or Twitter.

Takk to Thomas Sivertsen for agreeing to do this interview! 


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