Band Horn: Derision (United Kingdom)

Derision is a UK based band that began with Eddie, John, Tony and Seddy all imminent in forming a purely Metal sounding band.  “I’m not saying we are an “original” sounding band, is any metal band these days? But I do feel we stand out, as we have songs that are memorable, with memorable riffs and choruses,” says Eddie.

Indeed memorable shreds of the guitar remained in my head long after listening to a track off their debut album, Ancient! As the director of Bloodstock Festival, Vicky Gregory says, “[Derision] has an awesome sound!” However, Eddie states that creating that “awesome” sound is no piece of cake, “Let’s just say we learned a hell of a lot about each other, the band and how we will work in the future! There was a lot of joy too making this record. There were some great moments where we’d all look at each other after hearing a finished recording, and us realising its worth all the hassle!”

Regarding the making of the album, Derision had a little helping hand rather a helping amount of encouragement from the infamous producer Russ Russell of Dimmu Borgir and Napalm Death fame. Eddie continues, “We never physically worked with Russ only through email and text. I cannot stress though how much Russ has made this album and Derision sound better! The help he gave us, which he didn’t have to, was priceless! His words of wisdom have made this album sound the way it does and I cannot thank him enough! He’s a top bloke! A lovely chap and I am proud to call him my friend! The plan for album number 2 is to have him produce it, so fingers crossed!”

The result Ancient is a massive natural progression from the EP, with catchy hooks and aggressive riffs to get heads moving along with tempos to get the blood flowing.

So, what are Derision’s latest projects? Eddie fills me in, “Latest project are, to push the album and get as many people as possible to hear it! Hopefully get some backing from somebody as we would love to make a living out of Derision. Gigs will be ongoing throughout 2012 and beyond. The main aim is to get on the festivals in the UK, Bloodstock especially (which I’m working on anyway) Sonisphere and Download (even if it’s just to meet Black Sabbath! Ha-ha!) I’ll also, no doubt, be starting and finishing the writing of album number two throughout 2012. It’s an important year for us, maybe even a make or break year!”

A make or break year – my instinct is it will not be the latter! Do give Derision a listen and you get to download their track for FREE at their official website
Also catch the band at the following social media sites; Twitter and Facebook.

A grand thank-you to Eddie and the Lads at Derision for agreeing to do the interview!


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