Band Horn: Nostra Morte (Mexico)

Reigning Goth

Nostra Morte make Goth Metal better than any band that I have heard! In fact, if any Vampire series would have a sound track – it would be this! From the dusty dawns of Mexico – Air Guitar brings you Nostra Morte!

Tell me more on how a family became known as Nostra Morte and where did the name Nostra Morte originate?

Nostra Morte:

Hello Lav, first of all it’s our pleasure to meet you and also is great to know that we have fans so far and that our music it’s been listened in such beautiful lands like yours.

Alferis DaMort (Guttural Vocal, Lyrics):

“Well, Nostra Morte comes from the Italian words that mean “Our death” as in Spanish will be “Nuestra Muerte”, and so Nostra Morte was just going to be a song in our album called “Un cuento antes de morir” – “A tale before to die”, but one night Sonia, Alferis and I were listening the song and I liked the idea of calling the band like that. I have Italian ancestry and also we believe that death is something we all have in common, but we do not see death as a fatal termination because we refer to death as the death of all negative things. Also we as Mexicans celebrate death in a carnival, because we tend to make fun of death until she wins the bet of life.”

Where does Nostra Morte observe influence from?
Pier LeMort (Founder, Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Audio engineer):
“We have admiration for other bands of the genre from around the world, but the influence has come mostly from other composers, orchestra directors and movie soundtracks because when we compose we imagine each story like a movie. Some examples are, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wojciech Kilar, Beethoven, Elliot Goldenthal, Modest Músorgski, just to name a few. And the lyrics are inspired by stories, myths and legends from our country.

How do you feel about playing at Hell and Heaven Festival in Mexico in a few days? Can you tell me what other shows Nostra Morte has played at?

Arcan DiMort (Drummer):

“I think that one of our best shows has been in “El Circo Volador”- “The Flying Circus” in Mexico City when we went for the first time at this big City and the people were awesome with us and we gave a great show.
And we have had a few bad shows at some gigs but mostly because of the technical problems and bad event organizers, but people always support us.”
 Nostra Morte:

“We feel great about going to Hell & Heaven Fest and we are eager to play and totally looking forward to this Fest because it is a huge honour to share the stage with all this world-class bands such as Megadeath, MoonSpell, DarkFuneral, Mayan just to name a few, so yeah we are exited!!!”
What does Nostra Morte think about the Mexican Metal Scene?
Nostra Morte:

In Mexico we still need more openness to this genre, yet the response from the people has been positive,
but gradually we have opened the way along with other bands so it will be more places and dissemination of 
the metal scene in Mexico hopefully in the near future.”

Tell me more about Nostra Morte’s fans.
Eiven DuMort (Baritone):

“Fans have been amazing here in Mexico and around the world; we had an overwhelming response from our
 fans always faithful to us and support us. And the press has treated us great and we are always received with
 a lot of respect.”

I am an ardent listener of Un Cuentos Antes de Morir! Where did the conception derive from?
Nostra Morte:

We have until now one album release called “Un cuento antes de morir” which means “A tale before to die”, and it was going to be just a music book with stories, tales and legends of our country then evolved to become a music project that’s when Nostra Morte as a band was born, and the album is confirmed by various fantasy tales.

How important are the lyrics for Nostra Morte? Especially since the concept is of story-telling

Nostra Morte:

The lyrics as well as the melody are very important, to tell a story through music it’s very important to choose the words that can take the people inside the stories and make the people live them as if it was real.
Alferis, he is our lyrical composer and Pier LeMort is the composer of the music and also sometimes of the lyrics.


“I am inspired basically by the same stories that already exist, and try to tell them in a simple way highlighting the fantasy in them.”
What are Nostra Morte’s latest involvements?


“We have a few tours around our country, and we are about to release a video of the song “Trato o Truco” , also we are looking forward to a South American tour for next year, and the release of our second album called “ Sin retorno ” that means “No return” from which we have already 5 songs done and around YouTube.”

 Any last words?
Nostra Morte:

We will like to thank you Lav for this interview, and also for taking the time to know more about us and what we do, also to the people that support us in your land and all the fans that are reading this we thank you all for letting us get inside your ears and your hearts with our songs. And we invited you all to keep visiting our sites in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and our channel in YouTube.  


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