Band Horn: Killed The Fixtion (New Jersey)

They opened for Evile! They take influence from Pantera and Miles Davis plus they are fresh out of the New Jersey Metal scene! Who the fuck are they?
They are Killed the Fixtion also known as KTF, a tempo tight band with really clean vocals and a mash-up of extorted influences. As the band members of KTF put it lightly, “Music is an element or tool and the way we reflect it through our music is simply just by feeling the combination of heavy rhythms mixed with harmony and melody. In the end, we play what we feel and what is in our hearts.”
KTF’s personal reflection spills throughout the band both in music and even in their attitudes towards music, as they elaborate, “KTF is about personal growth. Honestly, the concept was never really thought about it just happened to be that way. We all had troubled pasts with lots of stupid infantile beliefs that gangs were cool or cradled us to make us men. Killed being in past tense meant we went through the fictional situations in our lives.”


So, a troubled past can be pretty daunting but that’s where the best song material comes from and that is what makes KTF surprisingly different and it can be heard in their song Pulse. “It [Pulse] was something that we thought about a long time ago. We felt that we needed to write a song with a steady heartbeat, a song that would be felt more than heard. The lyrical theme that Nelson touches on in Pulse is actually an event that happened to him. He was walking to his girlfriend’s house when an individual who he had trouble with in the past assaulted him with two other individuals. So you get what he means when he says experience.  We want to talk about real life problems that affect us every day,” says the band.
One problem that seems to be affecting KTF is the New Jersey music scene. “We believe that the New Jersey Metal Scene seems to be full of bands that conform and follow their music’s genre and full of great sounding bands with poor work ethic in promoting themselves. The New Jersey Metal Scene is inconsistent.”
However, the band need not worry as the United Kingdom thrashers, Evile, taught them a thing or two – “Playing with Evile felt great! We learned a lot about band tone and sound. They had great amps, equipment, and were really tight as a band. That show changed our view of playing live because it showed us the huge gap between professional hard working bands and local mediocre bands. Our manager, Rigo also known as Bigotep, got us the show with his magical powers!” 

So, what is next for the New Jersey thrashers? “KTF’s latest projects are writing and recording our new upcoming single tentatively called Push with former Will Killmore Drummer Charles Corletta. We are working hard on building our brand and becoming better as musicians on our own time. In addition to KTF, Kevin Nelson and Robert are part of a Metal Cover Band called Power the Machine as well as in a Metal core band called Six Realms. We are keeping busy as always as working musicians!”
 In addition to being devoted musicians, KTF are greatly down to earth souls with real stories and real mind-sets. I can tell that their putting the pedal to the metal and working up the ladder! With the correct amount of devotion and support – Killed the Fixtion are able to surpass their heroes!
 Snatch their songs for free as well as get more information on KTF’s Facebook or Twitter.
Thank you to KTF and crew for the interview and copyrights.


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