Band Horn: Derision (United Kingdom)

Derision is a UK based band that began with Eddie, John, Tony and Seddy all imminent in forming a purely Metal sounding band.  “I’m not saying we are an “original” sounding band, is any metal band these days? But I do feel we stand out, as we have songs that are memorable, with memorable riffs and choruses,” says Eddie.

Indeed memorable shreds of the guitar remained in my head long after listening to a track off their debut album, Ancient! As the director of Bloodstock Festival, Vicky Gregory says, “[Derision] has an awesome sound!” However, Eddie states that creating that “awesome” sound is no piece of cake, “Let’s just say we learned a hell of a lot about each other, the band and how we will work in the future! There was a lot of joy too making this record. There were some great moments where we’d all look at each other after hearing a finished recording, and us realising its worth all the hassle!”

Regarding the making of the album, Derision had a little helping hand rather a helping amount of encouragement from the infamous producer Russ Russell of Dimmu Borgir and Napalm Death fame. Eddie continues, “We never physically worked with Russ only through email and text. I cannot stress though how much Russ has made this album and Derision sound better! The help he gave us, which he didn’t have to, was priceless! His words of wisdom have made this album sound the way it does and I cannot thank him enough! He’s a top bloke! A lovely chap and I am proud to call him my friend! The plan for album number 2 is to have him produce it, so fingers crossed!”

The result Ancient is a massive natural progression from the EP, with catchy hooks and aggressive riffs to get heads moving along with tempos to get the blood flowing.

So, what are Derision’s latest projects? Eddie fills me in, “Latest project are, to push the album and get as many people as possible to hear it! Hopefully get some backing from somebody as we would love to make a living out of Derision. Gigs will be ongoing throughout 2012 and beyond. The main aim is to get on the festivals in the UK, Bloodstock especially (which I’m working on anyway) Sonisphere and Download (even if it’s just to meet Black Sabbath! Ha-ha!) I’ll also, no doubt, be starting and finishing the writing of album number two throughout 2012. It’s an important year for us, maybe even a make or break year!”

A make or break year – my instinct is it will not be the latter! Do give Derision a listen and you get to download their track for FREE at their official website
Also catch the band at the following social media sites; Twitter and Facebook.

A grand thank-you to Eddie and the Lads at Derision for agreeing to do the interview!


Show Me The Metal Finland 2012!

Finnish Metal Expo (FME) 2012
17 – 18 February 2012

Finnish Metal Events Oy Company describes themselves as “An independent, heavily networked and stubborn event production company based out of Helsinki, Finland. Our best known productions are the annual Tuska Festival and the Finnish Metal Expo.”

World’s premier strictly Metal expo, an indoor festival and showcase event, has reached the eight year milestone. Since its inception, Finnish Metal Expo has brought together the metal music industry in arctic Helsinki.
Besides the classic exhibition area where record labels, merchandise companies, music shops etc. deliver the latest goods, the eighth edition of the FME sees the event shift towards indoor festival form with the introduction of the second stage. The number of performing bands during the two days will be increasing to more than twenty!

Friday February 17, will be headlined by Edguy, who just released their latest album Age of the Joker. Also confirmed for Friday are Norway’s ICS Vortex and Finland’s Swallow The Sun. Saturday February 18, will feature Stam1na, who are one the biggest success stories of recent years in Finnish metal. Stam1na are currently working on their new album with producer Joe Barresi. The Finnish Metal Expo show will be a part of Stam1na’s record release tour.

Industry Day meeting will once again bring the who’s who of the metal music industry to Helsinki. Industry Day has established its spot as the most important professional meeting of the metal world. The upcoming Industry Day will take place at the confines of the Cable Factory, making it convenient to attend seminars, check out the showcases and set up meetings.

One-Day tickets cost 35 Euros in advance and 40 Euros at the door (if not sold out). 
Two-day ticket costs 57 Euros. Advance ticketing only.
For further enquiries and information visit the official FME website.

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What Dr. Phil taught me about the Music Industry!

Ok, so I admit it, I watch crappy television shows – even more so out of sheer boredom! However, South Africa is known for the trashy import of day-time American talk shows. It’s really entertaining especially Jerry Springer if you have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, that is.
So, this brings me to a point of interest – What Dr. Phil taught me about the Music Industry! (Bite me but this is really good!)

Who the f*ck is Dr. Phil? He is a bald and tall man who tells rough edged humans to – “Get real about their lives” – In a no-nonsense manner! That is all you need to know.   

Dr. Phil: You either get it or you don’t

It’s easy to tell these people apart. Those who “get it” understand how things work and have a strategy to create the results they want. Those who don’t are stumbling along looking puzzled, and can be found complaining that they never seem to get a break. 

The Music Industry:

The Music Industry is not forgiving. Every band needs to know what they are doing and why they are doing it and how they want to play within the fields of the industry.
Dr. Phil: Life rewards action.
Decide that you are worth the risk of taking action, and that your dreams are not to be sold out. Know that putting yourself at risk may be scary, but it will be worth it. You must leave behind the comfortable and familiar if you are to move onward and upward.
The Music Industry:
Following the idea that every band knows what, why and how they are operating in the music scene then it’s time to go into action. Nobody got famous for only playing garage shows. So get out there into the scene!

  Dr. Phil:  You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.
Acknowledgment means slapping yourself in the face with the brutal reality, admitting that you are getting payoffs for what you are doing, and giving yourself a no-kidding, bottom-line truthful confrontation.
The Music Industry:
Change is constant in the Music Industry and bands need change too! (This would be a great time to mention Lulu by Metallica) What is holding the band back? Listen to the critics!

Dr. Phil:  We teach people how to treat us.
You either teach people to treat you with dignity and respect, or you don’t. This means you are partly responsible for the mistreatment that you get at the hands of someone else. 
The Music Industry:
Face it – a band’s fan base will be and always shall be the greatest asset! If you treat potential and existing fans like shit – don’t expect any releases to be sold. Simple.
Conclusion: Dr. Phil’s “Life Laws” just got applied to the Music Industry! Plus, they actually make sense – to me at least. What are your thoughts, reader? 

Band Horn: Nostra Morte (Mexico)

Reigning Goth

Nostra Morte make Goth Metal better than any band that I have heard! In fact, if any Vampire series would have a sound track – it would be this! From the dusty dawns of Mexico – Air Guitar brings you Nostra Morte!

Tell me more on how a family became known as Nostra Morte and where did the name Nostra Morte originate?

Nostra Morte:

Hello Lav, first of all it’s our pleasure to meet you and also is great to know that we have fans so far and that our music it’s been listened in such beautiful lands like yours.

Alferis DaMort (Guttural Vocal, Lyrics):

“Well, Nostra Morte comes from the Italian words that mean “Our death” as in Spanish will be “Nuestra Muerte”, and so Nostra Morte was just going to be a song in our album called “Un cuento antes de morir” – “A tale before to die”, but one night Sonia, Alferis and I were listening the song and I liked the idea of calling the band like that. I have Italian ancestry and also we believe that death is something we all have in common, but we do not see death as a fatal termination because we refer to death as the death of all negative things. Also we as Mexicans celebrate death in a carnival, because we tend to make fun of death until she wins the bet of life.”

Where does Nostra Morte observe influence from?
Pier LeMort (Founder, Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Audio engineer):
“We have admiration for other bands of the genre from around the world, but the influence has come mostly from other composers, orchestra directors and movie soundtracks because when we compose we imagine each story like a movie. Some examples are, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Wojciech Kilar, Beethoven, Elliot Goldenthal, Modest Músorgski, just to name a few. And the lyrics are inspired by stories, myths and legends from our country.

How do you feel about playing at Hell and Heaven Festival in Mexico in a few days? Can you tell me what other shows Nostra Morte has played at?

Arcan DiMort (Drummer):

“I think that one of our best shows has been in “El Circo Volador”- “The Flying Circus” in Mexico City when we went for the first time at this big City and the people were awesome with us and we gave a great show.
And we have had a few bad shows at some gigs but mostly because of the technical problems and bad event organizers, but people always support us.”
 Nostra Morte:

“We feel great about going to Hell & Heaven Fest and we are eager to play and totally looking forward to this Fest because it is a huge honour to share the stage with all this world-class bands such as Megadeath, MoonSpell, DarkFuneral, Mayan just to name a few, so yeah we are exited!!!”
What does Nostra Morte think about the Mexican Metal Scene?
Nostra Morte:

In Mexico we still need more openness to this genre, yet the response from the people has been positive,
but gradually we have opened the way along with other bands so it will be more places and dissemination of 
the metal scene in Mexico hopefully in the near future.”

Tell me more about Nostra Morte’s fans.
Eiven DuMort (Baritone):

“Fans have been amazing here in Mexico and around the world; we had an overwhelming response from our
 fans always faithful to us and support us. And the press has treated us great and we are always received with
 a lot of respect.”

I am an ardent listener of Un Cuentos Antes de Morir! Where did the conception derive from?
Nostra Morte:

We have until now one album release called “Un cuento antes de morir” which means “A tale before to die”, and it was going to be just a music book with stories, tales and legends of our country then evolved to become a music project that’s when Nostra Morte as a band was born, and the album is confirmed by various fantasy tales.

How important are the lyrics for Nostra Morte? Especially since the concept is of story-telling

Nostra Morte:

The lyrics as well as the melody are very important, to tell a story through music it’s very important to choose the words that can take the people inside the stories and make the people live them as if it was real.
Alferis, he is our lyrical composer and Pier LeMort is the composer of the music and also sometimes of the lyrics.


“I am inspired basically by the same stories that already exist, and try to tell them in a simple way highlighting the fantasy in them.”
What are Nostra Morte’s latest involvements?


“We have a few tours around our country, and we are about to release a video of the song “Trato o Truco” , also we are looking forward to a South American tour for next year, and the release of our second album called “ Sin retorno ” that means “No return” from which we have already 5 songs done and around YouTube.”

 Any last words?
Nostra Morte:

We will like to thank you Lav for this interview, and also for taking the time to know more about us and what we do, also to the people that support us in your land and all the fans that are reading this we thank you all for letting us get inside your ears and your hearts with our songs. And we invited you all to keep visiting our sites in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and our channel in YouTube.  

Linestyle Artwork

Linestyle Artwork is a young design team consisting of Anna Jäger-Hauer and Sandra
Näsemann. They represent exceptional creative work:

Band Merchandise
Design (logo design, business cards … etc. ..)

Tattoo Design 
Emblem and Logo Design
Artwork for Bands such as seen below

For More Artwork and Contact Information Visit:

Band Horn: Killed The Fixtion (New Jersey)

They opened for Evile! They take influence from Pantera and Miles Davis plus they are fresh out of the New Jersey Metal scene! Who the fuck are they?
They are Killed the Fixtion also known as KTF, a tempo tight band with really clean vocals and a mash-up of extorted influences. As the band members of KTF put it lightly, “Music is an element or tool and the way we reflect it through our music is simply just by feeling the combination of heavy rhythms mixed with harmony and melody. In the end, we play what we feel and what is in our hearts.”
KTF’s personal reflection spills throughout the band both in music and even in their attitudes towards music, as they elaborate, “KTF is about personal growth. Honestly, the concept was never really thought about it just happened to be that way. We all had troubled pasts with lots of stupid infantile beliefs that gangs were cool or cradled us to make us men. Killed being in past tense meant we went through the fictional situations in our lives.”


So, a troubled past can be pretty daunting but that’s where the best song material comes from and that is what makes KTF surprisingly different and it can be heard in their song Pulse. “It [Pulse] was something that we thought about a long time ago. We felt that we needed to write a song with a steady heartbeat, a song that would be felt more than heard. The lyrical theme that Nelson touches on in Pulse is actually an event that happened to him. He was walking to his girlfriend’s house when an individual who he had trouble with in the past assaulted him with two other individuals. So you get what he means when he says experience.  We want to talk about real life problems that affect us every day,” says the band.
One problem that seems to be affecting KTF is the New Jersey music scene. “We believe that the New Jersey Metal Scene seems to be full of bands that conform and follow their music’s genre and full of great sounding bands with poor work ethic in promoting themselves. The New Jersey Metal Scene is inconsistent.”
However, the band need not worry as the United Kingdom thrashers, Evile, taught them a thing or two – “Playing with Evile felt great! We learned a lot about band tone and sound. They had great amps, equipment, and were really tight as a band. That show changed our view of playing live because it showed us the huge gap between professional hard working bands and local mediocre bands. Our manager, Rigo also known as Bigotep, got us the show with his magical powers!” 

So, what is next for the New Jersey thrashers? “KTF’s latest projects are writing and recording our new upcoming single tentatively called Push with former Will Killmore Drummer Charles Corletta. We are working hard on building our brand and becoming better as musicians on our own time. In addition to KTF, Kevin Nelson and Robert are part of a Metal Cover Band called Power the Machine as well as in a Metal core band called Six Realms. We are keeping busy as always as working musicians!”
 In addition to being devoted musicians, KTF are greatly down to earth souls with real stories and real mind-sets. I can tell that their putting the pedal to the metal and working up the ladder! With the correct amount of devotion and support – Killed the Fixtion are able to surpass their heroes!
 Snatch their songs for free as well as get more information on KTF’s Facebook or Twitter.
Thank you to KTF and crew for the interview and copyrights.


As some of the readers may or may not know; I used to be involved in Band management. Heck, what a job! I will spare the details of my band management experiences but I do think that the one common phrase in all bands (and particularly in mine) is the “cannot wait to get signed” part.

“So, the Artist and Repertoire (A&R) at Roadrunner threw your demo in the bin. Shame. There are more labels out there than you think. If you have not sent a demo to 70 different labels than you are in the wrong industry.”
True story; there are more labels out there than anyone thinks and it is necessary to actually take the time to craft a demo and send it to at least 70 different labels. That aside, it is important to know what an A&R requires in order to surpass a demo. Listed are below are some tips and hints. Please take note that I am not a professional and that any band should consider further research before taking action.
An A&R scout has the daily task of ‘scouting’ for new talent and new trends in the music business. A part of their day consists of looking through trade magazines, websites and blogs for information about emerging bands. HINT: Blogs are one of the most useful things as they are the rawest source of information – you get it earliest and then it’s up to the A&R to filter what’s good and what’s not.

The A&R person has to know what works for a label and what doesn’t. Again, the independent labels will focus on different musicians as opposed to the major labels. HINT: Make sure that the band’s demo is sent to the right type of label. Be absolutely specific. Look at the registry of artists on different labels and decide the closest fit for the band submitting the demo.  

Once a band has found the label with a perfect fit; it is time to send a demo. Include all relevant contact details with the demo and include a press kit. For information on how to create a basic press kit look at Air Guitar’s prior post. HINT: It is a good idea to find a contact name to address your demo mail to otherwise it is likely not to get opened. You will always find an A&R contact in an artist’s album sleeve that has a similar style to your band.

A demo alone is never good enough. Getting out of the recording place and playing live is the most important part of any music career. HINT: Depending on the style of music there are different ways of getting spotted; bands tend to be discovered at gigs whereas more extreme acts tend to make their name on the underground scene and virally through sites like YouTube.

Truth is not all bands get signed; but the strong bands know that things just don’t happen until they make it happen.

“Your career has to be a journey, it can’t be a plateau. If you have those moments – you have somewhere to come back from, something to react against.” ~ Dante Bonnuto (Universal Records Executive)