Band Horn: Godsic (Sweden)

Roadrunner Records – Eat Your Heart Out
Surging from the Heavy Metal capital, Sweden – is Godsic! A melodic death metal band with a die-hard prowess and an aptitude for creating awesome art are taking the underground scene, one Headbanger at a time. In fact, Godsic has been featured on Roadrunner Records’ Sign Me To page twice and have managed to gain profound status on the unsigned charts! They are causing quite a stir and prickling ears everywhere, so Air Guitar got the details on the next promising big band.
“I think there´s two sides of the story of how Godsic was founded. Chris and I did make a couple of songs and riffs, when Construcdead were put on ice, the plan we had was to record the songs and just find a singer who was willing to do the vocals for us.  Anyway, I think, at the same time period Peter asked us if we wanted to play together again, since Carnal Forge was taking a break and we all had ideas of just starting fresh. So we got together, started showing each other songs and different riffs and just created a bunch of really good tunes. I believe that we asked Thomas to play with us, since he is the best bass player all of us ever worked/played with, shortly after we did the first few songs. Jari contacted us, after hearing the first three songs we did as demos. And now we have more than enough songs for our debut album. The name Godsic is actually Peter´s old solo project’s name. We didn´t have a good band name, so Peter suggested Godsic, and well it´s catchy, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. The logo also looks pretty badass if I may say so myself!” states Godsic guitarist Rickard Dahlberg.
Apart from the Godsic logo looking damn awesome, their posted tracks Stillborn Life, Scars Inside and Premeditation are tremendous! The guitar work is tight, the vocals are smooth and the tracks are well produced – hardly any of that newbie band feel.
Dahlberg continues, “We all love the songs and have listened to them for about 10 months now, and they still grow on you. Release date, well, last week (October 22nd) we entered the studio to record the drums. Now, after that it should go pretty fast with recording guitars, bass and leads, and of course the vocals! I mean, we have already recorded all of the songs once, but as pre-production songs, to get a feel for them and maybe make changes. But I´d say we are quite happy the way they are, so we won’t make any big changes.”
Godsic has a dark underbelly in their work especially in that of the lyrics, given the song titles are quite twisted.  “To me, lyrics are pretty important. Though I think that the melody of the vocals can be even more important, it has got to be catchy if you want people to pay attention to the lyrics itself. Peter and Chris are our authors. I think that everyday life, most of all inspires them to their lyrics,” says Dahlberg.

The release date for the album As The Heavens Burns has not been set as yet – Dahlberg adds, “I have no idea at the moment, we got to record the whole album first, and it will be done in a few weeks, then we´ll see! Make sure to keep yourself updated by following us on twitter, facebook and our homepage of course!”

Oh and what an overwhelming devoted following Godsic has too! Godsic have several street teams, some as far as Australia!  “That is just great! A bit unreal too! Peter just tossed the question out there for fun on our twitter account. “Hey anyone wanna run a street team?” or if he asked if people had any interest in it. We had a huge response there! All of our street teams/leaders asked to run their own, for their country/area. So all I can say is fuck, amazing, and we’re sooo glad that our fans are helping us out with this! Help spreading the news, videos and so on! So a huge thanks from us, [Godsic] to all fans, and of course the people taking their time to run the street teams, you have no idea how good it feels to have you guys supporting us! Cheers!” states Dahlberg.
The attention that Godsic has claimed is astounding – from Roadrunner Records itself to the Swedish Metal scene.  As Dahlberg explains, “We have been playing for so long, so we know what we want to sound like and how to achieve that. Then again, it´s always fun and exciting to see how far you can push yourself, creating some hard to play riffs and making Chris go nuts behind the drums. Sweden has a lot of great metal bands and [that] does not affect us. All the good bands are already signed! Haha! It might get harder to get gigs depending on who we are “competing” with to get a slot at a gig or a festival, but I think it´s great that such a small country as Sweden can produce so many good bands!”
 Godsic have proven worthy of the music industry – given the experience, talent and death punch of their artistic abilities! Their definitely the next big band on the Heavy Metal scene – their army of fans know it and their balls-to-the-wall music shows it!
Visit the official Godsic page or their active Twitter site. Watch and listen on Godsic’s Youtube and stay up to date on Facebook. Also vote and request the band on Roadrunner Records and support the Metal.
An awesome thank you to Peter, Rickard, Chris, Thomas and Jari for agreeing to do this interview!


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