How Devoted Are You?

Are you a devoted fan of any Heavy Metal Band? Are you willing to show it and tell the whole world about it? Then I NEED you!
Air Guitar is hosting a Devoted Metal Fanatic feature and you can be in it!
All you got to do is comment on the Devoted Metal Fanatic Blog post writing why you are so devoted to the cause or contact the author via twitter or via e-mail. All contact details on the side of the blog!
To make this worth your while and effort; Air Guitar will give the most truly Devoted Metal Fanatic a prize package from South Africa! That is right! South Africa! What could it be? I will keep you guessing but it is definitely brutal!
Send pictures, write in why your favourite Band is the Saviour of your world and prove to Air Guitar just how devotedly awesome you are! Maybe you have a Band tattoo, run an army of street team websites, have all Band albums and its memorabilia or maybe you went to every single show that they have done – with pictures to prove! Tell Air Guitar your story – tell the world your story!
Just to get you started have a look at these:

Best of luck and Metal wishes,


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