Band Horn: Wisdom (Hungary)

Heed to the words of the Wise-one
Hungarian band, Wisdom is like a breath of fresh air, purely invigorating and quite underrated! They have been able to capture the brutal hearts for many when they opened for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon to name a few.
 For me the [number one] gig was when we opened for Iron Maiden. I am a great fan of the band and it was one of our dreams come true. Not that we even dared to dream about such gigs…” says Wisdom guitarist Zsolt Galambos.
Far from having big dreams, Wisdom, are completely self-made since 2001. Zsolt adds, “Since most of us have been poor musicians, the quick rising on the ladder gave us much headache. It was pretty hard for each of us to deal with success. We all had our ups-and-downs but I think all of us got out of the situation pretty good. We are different people now, more humble.”
More humble indeed and thoroughly successful, Wisdom walked away with an award from both Finland’s Eurovision Song contest and the Hungarian Music awards. Furthermore, Wisdom has been able to continue their suggestion or concept of the “wise-man” which prevails throughout their songs. As Zsolt elaborates, “The first thing when we’ve started the band was to find the right name for us. It had to be simple and yet succumb to a powerful meaning. Wisdom is an easy word to remember by anyone, but also has an influential meaning. At this time we began thinking about a concept story that we can work on every new CD. Wise-man represents all the wise and holy people who lived and shared their knowledge with us but has a mask on his face through which he cannot speak. This represents the people not listening to the old but time neglects wisdom.”
 This concept is evident on Wisdom’s new release Judas! The current album is more established to the prior album Words of Wisdom and settles on striking compositions and easy-listening melodies. The one track that stands out from Judas is ‘Heaven and Hell’ – absolute pagan die-hard and beautiful.
Unfortunately, the world as we know it is facing a lull of recession and likewise the live music scenes in all corners of the globe are facing a dip too. However, Wisdom has a strategy to combat such issues such as FREE shows, “Since the beginning of the recession, less and less people are visiting gigs, except for the festivals. This is the cause we came up with the idea that our fall tour (X Wise Years Tour of the 10th year of Wisdom) will be free of cost, i.e. no entry fee will be charged for anyone. This couldn’t have been done without the help of our sponsors, of course, so I want to thank them this way as well,” states Zsolt.
A fine band, detailed, professional and makes art for the sake of art! I recommend their latest album Judas released by Spinning Records! If you are in Wisdom’s range – go for a show or two; you will thank me later!
For more information on the Thrash Hungarian band Wisdom, go to:

A Big thank you to Zsolt Galambos and Wisdom for the interview!
Editorial: Lav Nandlall


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