Show Me The Metal Mexico!

There is a beautiful uprising of Metal Bands in Mexico and their taking to the stage at the Hell and Heaven Metal Festival.

This is the only festival of its kind in Mexico and is dedicated to all genres of Metal: from Goth to Industrial metal. Last year, Hell and Heaven Metal Festival show cased three stages and an exasperating 40 bands! This year, the promoters are expecting a larger audience and have confirmed 57 bands with the Big Thrash band; Megadeth as the headliner!
 On 19 November 2011 at Guadalajara, be prepared to see the likes of:
Dark Funeral
Lizzy Borden
Thell Bario
Nostra Morte
Fun Fact: Interesting to note that the festival is entitled Hell and Heaven!
After Ozzy left the band in 1979, Sabbath stabilized with the introduction of lead singer Ronnie James Dio for the reinvigorated albums Heaven and Hell. To this day, fans are split with many fans preferring Ozzy as Black Sabbath lead singer, even with the limitations of his voice at his age, while many other partisans of the Dio years follow the alternate version of Sabbath known as Heaven and Hell. Either way, Black Sabbath counts as the band that definitively established the distinct metal sound and, along with Led Zeppelin, are the key templates that almost every metal band has followed since their inception.”
Extract from Encyclopaedia of Heavy Metal by William Philips and Brian Cogan (2009)


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