Band Horn: Septicflesh (Greece)

Due to Twitter and The Cyprus Rock Times, I have become acutely aware of the Metal Bands in Greece and the surrounding areas. One of which profoundly stands out is: Septicflesh.
The Great Mass
Dimmu Borgir might have stolen my orchestral virginity but Septicflesh restored my love for all things grotesque beautiful. Septicflesh’s latest offering The Great Mass is worth every penny – absolutely unexpected from a death metal Band. With an astounding collaboration of 32 singers and 80 musicians, it keeps me guessing just how big a budget they had.
Band aside, the music speaks for itself. The first track of the album The Vampire from Nazareth sets the pace of what is to be expected. Clean vocals, powerful shreds from the guitar and the synchronization of orchestra and electric strings make an exceptional track. A few of the other tracks on the album such as A Great Mass of Death creates an apprehensive ambience. It makes one feel scared, nervous, and fearful almost like a classic Horror movie. Not many albums can fashion such emotions that resonate so well.
Lyrically, Septicflesh have composed layers of profound material. In a Metal Underground interview, Sotiris Anunnaki states,
Each song deals with a different subject. I visualized the whole album as kind of a strange liturgy and each song as a psalm on this mass. I have used also some religious symbolism in a peculiar, thought provoking, way. There are various layers on the topics of the album. I have a prologue for each theme, where I ask bizarre questions about, life, death, knowledge, reality etc.”
 Each listener can fathom their own lyrical meaning and explanations from The Great Mass; just the way Septicflesh would have wanted it.  
Another gem of the album is the artwork (see above) created by Septicflesh band member Seth Siro Anton. The lyrical themes and the grotesque beautiful all correlate in the artwork. So, it is disturbing but highly fascinating too.
Septicflesh are underrated but they are highly exceptional. I definitely recommend their album, The Great Mass!


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