Support The Metal – Be Awesome!

So, you are in a Band or maybe you are a solo artist or maybe you just prefer to listen to music? Either way; welcome to the Music industry!
I want to invite each of my Blog readers; from all over the Globe to participate in a fresh and enthusiastic innovation called The Heavy Metal Summit.
The aims of this grand innovation are to:
 Heavy Metal Summit is a Music & Promotion platform that integrates the idea of what the Website Coalition Party is. Heavy Metal Summit is not just a Music website, the definition of it is it’s a meeting place in high regard that allows members to socially promote their Music and Website as a party and this is what will separate itself from other Music websites around the Internet.

And if Heavy Metal is not your thing, you don’t have to worry because we cater for all kinds of Music; and of course we have our Social party promotion group that you can get involved in too. More on that below.

The Website Coalition Party is a Social party that through a Music website such as Heavy Metal Summit members can choose to participate in helping their fellow registered members.

They can choose to support websites either by forming agreements with fellow members or just by individually choosing to support the website of their choice and becoming involved in Social party promotion activities that are there to help promote your website.

And the best thing, you have a deciding role in how you go about promoting websites. You can come up with new ideas of promotion, form networks with other websites and much more and that’s only just a part of what the Social party is about on our forums.

Our mission is to cater for Music fans but also provide a platform for social interactive promotion through social party activities.

All you have to do is register with a valid e-mail address and voila! Now you can have access to forums, news, views, and reviews and even blow off some steam!
So, my friends from Indonesia to Sweden please go ahead and support the Metal.

Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne, Germany Supporting the Alternative.

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