Metal Festivals

A part of the Metal Music culture is Festivals. It can be stated that no band would have existed without the ultimate support of their fans that gather to see them play whether it be at a backyard mini-festival or a large scale festival.
Due to Metal Music being so marginalized in mainstream culture; a typical large scale metal festival can attract an average of 70, 000 people. That is anyone’s mind is mind-blowing! In modern day festivals, there is often more than just the bands. Stalls that sell merchandise, albums, and musical instruments are often present. In larger scale festivals; workshops and seminars with music veterans are on the festival site as well as the meet and greet areas for fans and bands.
The most illustrious festival takes place annually in Britain; that would be the Download and Reading festival. In mention are the ever growing Wacken Open Air in Germany and the infamous Rock in Rio in Brazil which hosts over 200,000 people.  Alongside the festivals mentioned, there are a number of growing festivals that take on the Metal scene and some are mushrooming in the most unexpected places. In addition to fixed festivals there are the “travelling” festivals. The most prominent being the Ozzy Fest, Mayhem, Earthshaker, Family Values and Gigantour.
In current years, due to the idea of Metal being global, going to a festival has become a sort of pilgrimage. Watching a favourite band, jumping in a mosh/snake pit, meeting like-minded individuals, drinking the barrels of alcohol and experiencing the outdoor camp life is all part of the deal – a big deal too.
Being an avid Metal music fan and a travel lover – I can vouch that going to  Festivals or even experiencing a Festival is the crown jewels of life. You cannot go wrong no matter how disorganised the festival might be or how big it can get.
Horns up!

My mapped out European Festivals for 2012


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