Thee Power of Metal Music Compels Me!

Men of Metal and Metal Maidens, I have been writing this Blog  in hopes that someday that I will travel to all these AWESOME Festivals. However, time and finances are a constraint!
For the past few months, I have been toying with an idea to fulfil my metal liquid dreams and those of others who are in a similar position to me.
What about creating a Metal Television Series?
A Head Bangers Ball meets Travel Channel concept.
Three Young Blood Metal Heads travelling to every European Metal Music Festival that takes place in a calendar year. They uncover 20 of Europe’s most luscious locations while travelling to 50 epic Metal Festivals. At the Metal Festivals they meet their Guitar Gods, Blood Thirsty Heroes, Wayward Souls and those who live, eat and breathe Metal music!™
Of course, this is no small project and could take a subsequent of time before a plan can be put into action. From sponsorships, television networks, publications and entertainment business woes; it might take years for this idea to be a reality.
Two guys and a girl with a metal face invite the viewer into a world of gorgeous women and hairy men also known as Metal music. The three Metal Heads journey through 20 European countries to 50 major Metal Festivals. They serve the wet dreams of the alternative fans by interviewing their beloved Metal manic musicians, experience what it actually takes to sleep outdoors in another country, taste the culture of Europe, and explore the stereotypes of Metal music genres. The key question: Do you folks like Metal?
However, what happens when a Band member is dared to swap his instruments for a live show or dared to eat an exotic meal? Could a meeting with a controversial Satanist be on the cards for the three Metal Heads? Who are the men behind the Corpse paint? What is Denmark most famous for and how is Finland known as the promised land of heavy Metal? Most importantly; do you folks like Metal? All shall be revealed on the Metal TV series.
Metal music is explored through the large growing and enigmatic festivals that take place all year round in Europe. There is a tendency to pigeonhole Metal Heads, so can that stereotype be broken by the key presenters or are they subjected to discrimination because of their choice of music? What are the similarities of a battle field and mosh [molesting and pushing] pit? Three Metal Heads explore what makes Metal music the crown-jewels of people’s lives and experience the grotesque beautiful through land marks, nature and travel.  
But what are YOUR thoughts – could something like this be in YOUR interest?

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