Show Me The Metal South Africa!

South Africa’s chiefly known for its multi-cultural citizens, epic sunny beaches, exotic animals and Father Nelson Mandela. But don’t be fooled by the beautiful, there are a number of developing brutal Metal bands and festivals alike.
Metal in South Africa prior 1997 was not accepted nor was it given a second glance. It only gained partial momentum when three young Metal Head brothers named Dawid, Henk and Janneman Fourie found a niche in the market in 2007. They loved the harder side of music and since nobody was keen on bringing good music the shores of South Africa, they put a plan into action.
RAMfest started out as a small event with around 1500 people is now one of the biggest festivals in South Africa, with a combined attendance of over 25 000 people in 2011. The aim is to include local and international artists on the billing. In 2011 the likes of Knave, Funeral For A Friend (UK), Dead Will Tell, Alkaline Trio (USA), Die Antwoord, Van Coke Kartel and many more head banged out on stage. RAMfest is a travelling festival that makes its way around the major cities of South Africa attracting a larger fan base as well as promoting the best of the best.

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 Another smaller festival that takes place between the four walls of Black Dahlia Club is called Mid-Year Metal Mayhem. Their aim is to promote local Metal and alternative bands. It always worth a go for a night of non-stop mosh-ing!
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