Breaking Guitar! Pukkelpop 2011 (Belgium)

Alternative Pukkelpop festival, which takes place annually in Belgium, has been struck by devastating weather conditions. The wind and hail storm that occured several hours ago, has caused stages to collapse claiming the lives of at least 3 people and injuring approximately 70 people.
Billboard reports that, “There is local news video of the storm’s initial aftermath showing stage equipment dangling in high winds with festival goers running for cover. Huge sound and audio towers appear toppled in the footage.”
The official Pukkelpop homepage has released a statement: The Pukkelpop organisation has decided to cancel all shows tonight out of respect for the victims. We want to make our hearts and our minds silent for the festival goers that we lost and the ones that were injured.
Another Billboard report says that, “the dangerous portion of the storm reportedly lasted only 10 minutes. In new footage uploaded to YouTube, festival goers are seen dancing to the music until large hail starts to fall.”

Pukkelpop has hosted some great names in Metal music; such as that of Iron Maiden, Metallica and the line-up for 2011 included Within Temptation, Apocalyptica and many more.
My thoughts are with those at Pukkelpop 2011.
You too can pay your respects at:
Sources: Official Pukkelpop website, BBC,

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