Band Horn: Sunrise (Ukraine)

From Dusk To Dawn
What started out as a band project between vocalist Konstantin Naumenko and guitarist Vitaliy Petrichenko turned out to be a zealous, die-hard and powerful band. They are from the Ukraine and their called Sunrise.
Our country doesn’t have the infrastructure and metal culture as a whole. All our show-businesses are looping on trivial pop-music. We don’t have metal TV channels, and there’s only one radio station on which you can hear metal music,” explains Naumenko.
However, Sunrise has moved from the slow growth of Metal music to produce some fine compositions taking influence from their favourite Artists.
“The influences have been changing and still are through the time. On every album you can hear some new elements. The main influences come from bands like Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica [as well as] from bands of other styles – For My Pain and Entwine,” adds Naumenko.
Listening to Sunrise music creates a very refreshing speed filled and closet thrash sound. Absolutely mind-blowing!
Naumenko informs “we have released two full-length albums and two singles. Every album shows a new step in the development and formation of our band. The first album, called Liberty, was published by Russian record label Metalism Records in 2007. It was our first big experience in songwriting and recording of our songs. It was hard because then we were the beginners and we hadn’t enough experience. But we had enthusiasm and aspiration, that’s why this album had been recorded. A big thanks to Slavik Malinin, the sound-engineer, for making that work! Then we took a thorough approach to record the second album, called Trust Your Soul. It was released in 2010 by Italian recording label EMMECIESSE /HEART OF STEEL RECORDS. By then we had vastly grown as musicians and composers. Due to labour and diligence of remarkable sound-engineers Alexey Shaddar and Max Morton this album managed to be embodied. It was very pleasant to work with these guys!”
 Every band knows that the best way to sell their music is to perform live gigs at every opportunity. Sunrise has taken to task and is expected to play at the largest festival in the Ukraine; Global East Open Air 2011.
“Yes, we are expecting a great deal from this show! And we are preparing very seriously, since we want to show that Ukrainian bands can play better than foreign stars! And of course it’s a big honor for us to play with metal monsters, at the same festival!”
However, it must be noted that the line-up of band members have changed over the past months as Naumenko includes, “There is no tragedy that our ways have dispersed. Everybody needs to move and develop, even in his own direction. The contribution of these people is certainly invaluable – our band has existed then and, as consequence, exists now due to them. Now I’m very glad to work with new musicians, Ruslan Vakulyuk (bass-guitar) and Alexey Shekhovtsov (solo-guitar). These guys are very talented and due to them you will hear the new level of our sound soon.”
So what is Sunrise currently working on now? Naumenko enlightens that the band are actively writing and recording the new songs. Sunrise is planning to record the new album in autumn which have a draft of ten new tracks.
Honestly, I cannot wait for the prowess of Sunrise and neither should you! Go visit the band’s official website at:
I end off with Konstantin Naumenko’s last words: Don’t forget about the simple human values! Let’s make this world better!
A very grand thank you to Sunrise and Konstantin Naumenko for agreeing to do this interview!

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