Show Me The Metal Portugal, Romania and Ukraine!

Portugal’s capital Lisbon is most famous for its mosaic black and white side-walks which are made of cream coloured limestone and dark grey basalt stones. Portugal is also home to the Sado River which flows from south to north! Due to the terrain levelling on the south of Portugal the river literally flows “backwards”.
So, when one arrives in Portugal do not forget to tour around the infamous Algarve. It is perfectly known for its warm sunny beaches. If one prefers a little cold weather and sports then try out the Serra Estrela – a popular Ski area.
Nevertheless, if one likes good Metal music then make way to the Vagos Open Air which is held annually in August in Vagos.
In 2011 expect to see the likes of; Opeth, Morbid Angel, Malevolence, We are The Damned, Nevermore and many more!
The Vagos Open Air made its debut in 2009 as a small Portuguese festival but soon grew with popularity and now welcomes a staggering number of Metal heads and Metal bands alike.
The official website is packed with useful information and all the travel essentials! So go forth – and fuel the steel at the following:
For a more precise understanding of what might be in store for the two day Metal affair have a look at the following Review in Terrorizer by Jose.
Romania’s population is approximately 22.4 million people. Strangely though, Hungarians and Germans are the largest ethnic groups in Romania.
Fun Fact: The Romanian language belongs to the family of Romance. It is descended from Latin just like Italian. It is the only Romance language in Europe that forms a linguistic isolation from the rest of the geographic Latin languages in Europe.
Romania plays host to an awesome Metal festival called ARTmania which takes place in August annually in Sibiu which has been one of the most important and most prosperous cities in Transilvania.
In 2011 at ARTmania, expect to see the best of Metal acts on the stage with the likes of Lacuna Coil, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Tarja Turunen, Republica and Lacrimas Profundere.
The tickets to ARTmania are well worth the price and the partners who have shaped the festival are well renowned. So check out what two nights in the mythical land of Transilvania can do for your Metal soul.
For more guided information:
Ukraine is home to interesting, strange and a tell-tale number of fun facts.
The heaviest silver coin in the world is a Ukrainian anniversary coin “10 years of hryvnia revival”. Its weight is 1000 grams. It was issued in the Ukraine in 2006.
The world’s first constitution was created by a Ukrainian politician Pylyp Orlyk. On April 5th, 1710 he was elected the Hetman of Zaporizhia troops. On the same day Pylyp Orlyk had announced the Constitution of the rights and freedoms of Zaporizhia army.
You could see a famous shod flea in Ukraine at the Kyiv Museum of Miniatures. Its author is a well-known Ukrainian master of miniatures, Mykola Syadrysty.
Ukrainian language took the second place on melodic criteria after Italian and it was ranked as the third most beautiful language in the world on such criteria as phonetics, vocabulary, and phraseology.
The deepest metro station subway in the world is located in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Its depth is a staggering 105 meters.
The centre of Europe is in Ukraine! Geographically, the centre of Europe is considered to be a small Western Ukrainian town called Rahiv which is surrounded by picturesque Carpathian Mountains.
The best of the best bills for a 2011 Metal Festival belongs to Ukraine’s Metal Heads Mission!
Approximately 38 Metal Bands of awesome-ness take to the stage in the first week of August. From Meshuggah to Forever Wasted – they will be there and so should you!
For all the finer details of the Metal Heads Mission, visit the official website at
Yours Truly,

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