Show Me The Metal Norway!

KINGDOM OF NORWAY – infamous for a number of Metal sub-cultures and Metal conjectures. For example;
Varg Vikernes (that Bastard!)
Drop-dead gorgeous Fjords
Pagan Gods
Highest Global Peace Index in the World
 Hole in the Sky (The Last Supper)
A number of theories surround the Hole in the Sky festival but my favourite is that the Festivals name originated from a Black Sabbath song which appeared on their Sabotage album.
Enough of a History lesson – get up and get some last standing tickets to Hole in the Sky which takes place on the 24 – 27 August 2011 in Bergen! The Band billing is epic – Immortal, Satyricon, Enslaved and Mayhem (the Big 4 of Black Metal) alongside expect to see, Helheim, Primordial, Marduk, and many more. A new element to the show will be a special opening show with Wardruna presented by Amber Booking in conjunction with Hole in the Sky.
If you are a holder of any of the Hole in the Sky tickets then you shall receive a discount on the Wardruna gig.
Visit the following sites for specific details on where to crash, venues, prices and nitty-gritty details.
 Hove Festival
On the lines of carbon neutral – Hove festival takes the prize. Hove festival is about ideal settings, eclectic music, outdoor fun and Art.
You can mingle, learn, listen and watch at the Hove Festival which is hosted in Tromoya Arendal on the 28 June – 1 July 2011.
It is like a party in the woods with a band list which includes; Linkin Park, the Strokes, 30 seconds to Mars, All Time Low, Blood Command, Brandon Flowers and the list goes on.
Book tickets, find your camping tree and read more information at:
Inferno Metal Festival
I regret to inform you that 4 days with 50 bands has passed.
We look forward to it in 2012!
*Look at my prior interviews with Demonic Resurrection who performed at Inferno Festival 2011.*
Norway Rock Festival
Formerly known as Kvinesdal Rock Festival – Norway Rock Festival takes place in a field in Kvinesdal near the river Kvina. Norway Rock Festival is aimed at bringing a number of popular bands to the people; both young and old!
The Festival is held during 7 – 10 July 2011. There is a scrumptious billing that includes: In Flames, Blind Guardian, Breed, Volbeat, TNT, Black Label Society and many more!
If the music is doubtful, then take a break by swimming in the lake or even fishing in the lake but remember a licence is required for fishing.
Check out the fundamentals at:

Yours Truly,

The Metal Goat


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