Show Me The Metal Netherlands!

Netherlands or Holland is well-known for its cannabis, Van Gogh art pieces, the youngest population in the EU and the infamous Heineken beer. Sounds like a piece of surreal paradise!
Now let’s add some Heavy Metal Festivals to that list!
Dokk’em Open Air
The sixth edition of Dokk’em Open Air takes place on the 28 May 2011 near the village of Bornwird. It boasts a free campsite, 2 stages of Metal Manic Fun and 16 bands. The Metal Bands on the bill include; Hammerfall, Vader, Evergrey, Trigger the Bloodshed and many more.
The most awesome thing about Dokk’em Open Air is that the Festival provides transport to all those hardcore fans who attend. The transport is available for those who need to return home or those who have had a bit too much festival fun.
For more information on the festival, the wheelchair facilities or to review the bill, visit
Hurry, there are only seven days left for some Dutch Metal Fun!
One thing is for sure – it is never easy to organize a festival of any kind. It requires a lot of time, patience and money! Most of the time, metal festivals are under-funded or unable to receive permits for Hard rock/ Heavy Metal music to be played on certain grounds as the music is not considered kosher.  
However, Daredevils who live, breathe and eat Metal Music, push for those permits and scrounge for funding until they can make the Metal Festival a reality. An example of those Daredevils, are the organizers of Elsrock.
After four and a half months of waiting for one permit, 12 months of waiting for legitimate paper-work, using their funds for proper sound equipment and being shredded in the press – Elsrock Metal Festival was born in 2006.
Expect to see the likes of Destruction, Samael, Marduk, Nuclear Assault, Unleashed and many more at the Elsrock Metal Festival 2011 which takes place in Rijssen, Netherlands on 27 August 2011.
With a staggering average of 1000 Metal Head visitors pouring in – you cannot go wrong!
For more information visit: http://
ProgPower Europe
The Netherlands play host to progressive and power metal bands at the ProgPower Europe festival which takes place at Sjiwa in Baarlo. The bands and Metal Heads are hosted at a castle in the vicinity of the festival for a whole weekend!
For 2011, the bands on the billing are Mekong Delta, Seventh Wonder, Redemption, Sky Architect and many more.
The small scaled yet quite international festival is said to take place from the 30 September 2011 – 2 October 2011. For more detailed billings, confirmations and accurate venues – please visit
 Yours Truly,
The Metal Goat

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