Show Me The Metal Lithuania!

If you are a visitor to Lithuania, you are greeted with bread and salt. Bread is considered very important in Lithuania so expect a loaf of bread wrapped in a towel with a pinch of salt.
Lithuania has a small sub-culture of Metal Heads which was encouraged by a few fanzines; like Raganos ir Alus. It became one of the more popular satirical Soviet Union magazines and later took on the heavy metal scene. Unfortunately Raganos ir Alus is no longer in publication but it did pave the way for a Metal Head crowd. For the last publication of Raganos ir Alus – there was a distribution of small packed baked bread to go with the magazine. Now you know – bread is important in Lithuania.
Kilkim Zaibu
Kilkim Zaibu is one of the more well-known Heavy Metal Festivals in Lithuania. It showcases a number of the Baltic Metal bands and the Pre-Christian ideologies. There is a strong mix of Military style bands, Folk accentuated and Black Metal artists.
 The festival has been going strong since 1999 and has almost always taken place in Varniai, Lithuania. It is said that this is the festival where the Battle lines are drawn, weapons are sharpened and the brutal clash of Metal begins!
Kilkum Zaibu takes place between 23-25 June 2011 (solstice). This year expect to see Rotting Christ, Skyforger, Gods Tower, Luctus and many more.
Tickets are well cheap and the website has explained every mode of transport to get to the festival area. For more information visit:

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