Band Horn: Sober Truth (Germany)

Licks Outta Hell

I came across a clean thrash Metal Band while on my travels in Bonn, Germany. They exude so much raw energy; sophisticated talent and an almost clean power thrash in their music.  The Band is called Sober Truth and comprises of four wayward souls who are die-hard Metal enthusiasts. Torsten Schramm is the lead singer with harmony vocals and a brutal passion for beer. Tobias Thauer is the superbly tight bass player with a squeaky clean record.  TJ Anger is the drummer who knows that it is truly metal with the second pedal and Hamid Haghugh is the lead guitar player in an untouchable league of his own.
Sober Truth has brought Germany to a brutal Metal craze by winning the North-Rhine Westphalia Battle of the Bands 2009. It is no surprise, considering the band has a solid fan base and has over 50 live shows in their band history. They are currently on the roster of TaktArt bookings.
 And rightly so, as Sober Truth’s new single Outta Hell shows: 15 songs that blow like a hurricane out of the speakers and connect the sombre melodies with brute-complex rhythms and razor-sharp bass lines.

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