Band Horn: Demonic Resurrection (India)

The Devil Rising
“It is purely a matter of believing in what you do and putting yourself 100% behind your work.” Those are words to live by – be it a Business man or a Metal Band in the making.
Demonic Resurrection, a Heavy Metal Band from India seized the attention of many curious Metal Heads when they were first featured in Sam Dunn’s documentary Global Metal.
“It was a fantastic documentary that brought the burgeoning metal scene across the globe to notice. By featuring bands from countries less known for their metal music, it’s been a much-needed boost to these bands, and it was a great honour being part of the film,” says Daniel Rego of Demonic Resurrection.
“Personally I have come across many people who have actually remembered us through the documentary, come up to us and spoken to us about the same, and how surprised they are about the quality of bands from other countries,” adds in Husain Bandukwala of Demonic Resurrection.
It is a fucking awesome quality band – taking the age of symphonic Black Metal and turning it into something quite extraordinaire. “As a band, we all have a common vision as to what we see our musical ideas metamorphosing into, and the album was a culmination of that shared vision. We feel we’ve accomplished what we set out to achieve and produce [the album] The Return to the Darkness, and I’d confidently say it’s the band’s strongest, most diverse and representative work to date,” continues Rego.
Passionate and dark, the Band weaved their way into playing at the Norwegian Inferno Festival.  The challenge of kicking ass on stage and converting people into DR fans was a high unlike any other for me,” adds Husain.Rego elaborates “Inferno Metal Festival was just surreal, the entire experience of it being our first international performance, and being in Norway, the Kvltest of all places. It’s been the absolute highlight of my life so far and probably will stay that way. The response from the Norwegians was great, and we couldn’t have been happier. Brutal Assault Festival was much grander in scale, and was our first open-air international gig, so it was an entirely different experience. The whole ‘festival’ vibe was much more pronounced here, so it was a unique experience, hanging out with absolute legends and mentors like Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Ihsahn and the others. We’re very happy with how the audience received our music as well, and it still gives me Goosebumps, to think about the massive crowd chanting for one more song at the end of our set.”
However being an Indian Metal Band has it’s controversies as Husain informs, “the major challenge is making this music acceptable to a larger audience. Indians have always been exposed to a lot of Bollywood and Traditional/Classical music from birth so for most kids listening to metal, they often face parental opposition to the music and lifestyle.”
“I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a family that does not consider it culturally objectionable for me to be playing in a metal band. In terms of the larger society, metal is still not something you’ll find just around the corner, and is still a long way from gaining widespread acceptance, but we believe it will reach that stage in time,” states Rego.
From what little experience I have, challenges are what make a band and in most cases the best Bands are the ones who face the most challenges. As Rego said – believe in what you do and do it well, Demonic Resurrection, has done exactly that and deserve high recommendation! So click on the links below to know more.

Words: Lav Nandlall

A monster Thank you to Husain and Rego of Demonic Resurrection for agreeing to do the interview!


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