Exclusive Band Horn: Dimmu Borgir (Norway)

Dimmu Borgir’s ABRAHADABRA album stole my orchestral virginity. The beautiful and grotesque engagement of Black Metal pooled with the symphonic intellect of Gaute Storaas makes for a surreal orgasmic experience.
We believe the album turned out better than we had hoped for and therefore it is with a great sense of accomplishment to hear people’s positive responses. It’s not a very immediate album so it’ll need to take the listener around for more than a few spins but once it hits it reveals a lot of treasures,” states Dimmu Borgir’s founding member Silenoz.
Without a doubt the addition of the KORK Orchestra and the Schola Cantorum Choir, are the ultimate ABRAHADABRA treasures. The tracks Dimmu Borgir and Gateways are so intentionally refined that it juxtaposes the previous Dimmu Borgir albums. It merely shows an improvement – evidently a larger budget accommodation too.  Gaute Storaas, has made an infusion of compositions from conception to birth with the Band and he made it remarkably grand.
Silenoz adds, “It’s not like Michael Kamen for instance and what he did for Metallica, adding on top to already existing songs that wasn’t orchestrated from the beginning.”
The ‘conception to birth’ ideology is consistently demonstrated in the ABRAHADABRA album especially in the illustration of the cover art which is designed by legendary cross-media artist Joachim Leutke.
Silenoz elaborates, “What [Luetke] had in mind was The Elder Gods, and also Crowley – which is a never-ending influence. The idea behind the [lyrics] and also much of the artwork is connected to rebirth and renewal of the body, mind and spirit. Reincarnation seen through the Luciferian perspective. The first pressing sees the birth, the “beginning” with the whole mask on the cover while the 2nd pressing symbolizes the continuation and growth but yet the more principal aspect of ‘existence’, unfolding back to [the] basics. Perhaps there will be a 3rd pressing. This album has embarked on its own journey since its inception and lives its own life.”
With the dismissal of Band members, Mustis and Vortex, many hard core supporters started to believe that the end of an era was near for Dimmu Borgir but those obituaries were utterly unnecessary. The band has matured since their last album and there seems to be a stronger sense of revived experimentation. Silenoz illuminates, “There are far more fans and people applauding our way of thinking forward and sharing our views towards the future than anything else. We can’t please all but as long as we start with pleasing ourselves first many will follow.”
Having completed The Darkness Reborn World Tour – Dimmu Borgir have been able to reconnect with their long standing fans and hardcore supporters. It is with great honour that guitarist Silenoz describes Dimmu Borgir fans as, “Pretty damn priceless! We got all different kinds of fans in all shapes, forms, ages, colour and creed. We’re fortunate to have a very enthusiastic fan base whether their opinions about the band and our music range from being very open minded to extremely conservative.”
Dimmu Borgir’s optimistic ABRAHADABRA album adheres together progressive ethics, loyal fans and a resurrection of opus. Take note because that is how you create an orgasmic album.
Words: Lav Nandlall
Credit: Dimmu Borgir and Team
 A BIG Thank You to Silenoz and Direct Management for taking time to do this interview!
 For more information http://site.dimmu-borgir.com/

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