Band Horn: Zero Division (Germany)

Hair Metal is something very different therefore I am not particularly a fan. Conversely, I saw this band on stage and they impressed me. They look like they walked out of a vogue catwalk but their lyrics, vocals, style and crowd interaction told another story.
So, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, Zero Division has entered the music industry! The five-piece Glam rockers, from North-Rhine Westphalia, proved that they are smart, cheeky and determined to revive the 80’s Rock panorama.
The D.I.Y attitude of Zero Division has permitted to the self-produced EP release of Through the Night in August 2010. The EP may lack certain professionalism but the quality of song writing and production is remarkable. Zero Division confirms that it is not about quantity but quality that makes a superior EP.
Smooth vocals, distinctive musical arrangements, a showdown of glam and on-stage vigour are what Zero Division is made of. So much so, that they won the Breaking the Silence Band Competition 2010 by TaktArt. The prize entails a four-day session at the Big Easy Studio. With the sounds of commercial success, one can only expect better.
Look out for the Glam Rockers who have the definite X factor – they could be the next big obsession. (And you read it here first!) 
Yours Truly – The Metal Goat                          

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