The Memory Remains

Metal Heads show support for the steel and have sent in a number of reviews from their personal experiences at Metal Festivals. Most of these festivals – I have not covered as yet on Air Guitar Blog but don’t despair – I will get there.

Sonisphere Bucuresti by Metal Head from Norway
Awesome shows, chaotic festival.

I went to Sonisphere Bucuresti because Manowar played there. The Big Four, Manowar, Heaven and Hell and Rammstein was one of the best line-ups I had ever seen!

One example of poor organizing was after we entered the festival early on the first day. We entered to get a festival wristband or something similar. That we didn’t get and we had to keep our tickets throughout the festival. By the third day my ticket (which had been in my pocket) was so torn that I was yelled at by the ticket lady. When we were leaving still early on the first day a girl by the entrance told us we couldn’t leave! Once we were inside we had to stay. We laughed at this of course and another guard let us out, but this gave us a feeling that things were a bit chaotic.

The bands delivered. Manowar melted our faces for one hour, which was way too short. And the big four delivered great gigs each one better than the last. Sunday was sweltering and Anathema soothed my tired head while I sweated out yesterday’s beer. Rammstein closed the festival in great style with a wide array of pyrotechnics and disturbing behavior.

I had a couple of gripes (the queue for the toilets and the food became melted into one) but chaos and metal go hand in hand right? [No doubt!] Overall an awesome festival!


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