Show Me The Metal Finland!

Kimmo Kuusniemi said it best on his documentary title; Finland is the Promised Land of Metal. Think about it, how many Finnish bands have made it to the Metal Charts? How many Finnish Bands have a good repertoire in non-European countries? Why is Finland more accepting of Metal as opposed to other countries?
Nobody can attest that Finland is the Land of Metal but to gain understanding as to why the small Scandinavian country has a big following in Metal – watch the documentary.
The documentary is by Kimmo Kuusniemi who formed the band Sarcofagus in 1978, officially the first Finnish Progressive Heavy Metal Band. Kuusniemi left Finland when the market for Metal was barely existent but returned in 2008 to question the philosophy and history of Metal since the market expanded in his absence.
Finnish Metal Expo
Established in 2005, the Metal Expo is said to be every Metal Head’s dream come true. Not only do you get to greet and meet bands and fans but you are in for a festival and Metal awards. Always a winner when the Metal goods can be updated at the merchandise market.
At the 2010 festival Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica and Swallow the Sun made an appearance. If 2010 was given the Metal nod then 2011 – should raise the stakes.
Next year expect The Man-Eating Tree, Battle Beast, Accept, Deathchain and Sabaton to take to the stage. The 2010 Finnish Metal awards, the Industry Day and the Century Media band contest will be taking place on the 17-19 February 2011.
To get a one-day ticket or to rub shoulders with the Metal monsters, visit

I know – I know! This Blog Post is far from over! I have good reasons for that and the readers will see it shortly. So in the next Blog, Finland shows more Metal!

Siina kaikki nandaan taas – The Metal Goat


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