Show Me The Metal Denmark!

Denmark has produced some fine citizens from Johannes Vilhelm Jensen to Hans Christian Anderson as well as Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. Surprisingly, Denmark is also home to a number of Metal festivals.
Velkommen to Kill-Town Death Fest
Underground death metal heads come to surface at the D.I.Y festival in Denmark held by a group of music enthusiasts called the “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme”. The aim of the festival is to put an emphasis on music and bands as opposed to money and fame. There are no commercial sponsors and the festival is based on voluntary work. Furthermore, there are no appointed Headliners as all Bands have equal treatment.
The year of 2010 saw the debut of Kill-Town Death Fest with bands from Scandinavia and a few from outside the European borders. Copenhagen is the base of Kill-Town Death Fest over a period of 3 days. At the festival, the audience has a variety of events, access to merchandise stalls, food stalls, cinema showings, kicker tables and 2 show stages. Also to note, that all food served at the festival is vegan.
So far dates have been announced for Kill-Town Death Fest 2011. No bands have been confirmed as yet but do keep an eye out at
 Fun Tip: Kill-Town Death Fest allows volunteers to enter the festival for free. If you would like to know more information, click on the above link and navigate the page to “volunteer”. Good deal, right?

Aalborg Metal Festival
The concept of Aalborg Metal Festival started in 2002 and since then has been an annual event. The year of 2010 saw a massive rumble in bands such as Napalm Death, Katatonia, Orphaned Land, Vira and Macabre.
Sometimes a concert is just not enough so the festival played host to a Zombie Fashion Show by RagnaRock Fashion. A Metal market was opened to the public with a number of merchandise, music gear and assorted Metal collectables. Then there is the infamous Captain’s Cabin! In other words, Metal Karaoke!
If you think you can add “more cowbell” then visit for more information.
Day of Decay
Day of Decay is a Metal festival that made its first appearance in 2010 and is also located in Aalborg. The 2010 line-up consisted of bands from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, United States and one United Kingdom band – Trigger the Bloodshed.
The festival works on a two stage basis – one being an indoor venue and the other being an outdoor venue.
To help the Danish music scene, Day of Decay hosts a warm-up music festival with the supporting acts taking to the stage. This took place before the official Day of Decay festival.
The Day of Decay 2011 website is under construction – have a look next year.
In the next Blog post: Denmark (Part Two)

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat


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