Show Me The Metal Denmark! (Part Two)

Royal Metal Festival
Metal Royale – a Danish non-profit organization hosts the Royal Metal Festival annually since the establishment in 2006. Not much information has been leaked into the internet about Royal Metal Festival but a lot can be said about the 2010 line-up; Sepultura, Decapitated, Sodom, Hamlet and many more. The 2011 line-up should be even better!
Metal Royale hosts a number of smaller events as well as a Battle of the Bands and Metal promotions in Denmark.
For more information, photographs and events to keep you moshing, visit
I am a little hesitant blogging about Roskilde Festival in Denmark. To my knowledge – it is one of Europe’s biggest festivals and brings in a staggering number of fans annually. Dating back to 1971, Roskilde hosts its own media, camp sites and theatre acts.  
Truth be told, it is not a Metal festival rather a World Music festival – hosting the biggest names in all music genres.
For example; Black Sabbath and Snoop Dogg shared a stage in 2005 while Metallica and Robbie Williams played after each other in 1999.
Nonetheless, if you want to know more about the nude run and the like – visit
I know the readers are going to raise the Horn to the next Blog post – Heavy Metal Festivals in Finland!

Yours Truly – The Metal Goat


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